How to Wear Black Tourmaline Healing Crystal Jewelry to Get the Best Results

black tourmaline jewelry

Black tourmaline is popular for its amazing benefits such as EMF protection and protection from negative energies. Some people use it to protect themselves, whether it is in the form of black tourmaline jewelry or a crystal. By simply placing it below their lampshades or around their houses and offices, many have managed to get rid of unwanted energies.

However, most people use it as a piece of jewelry to have protection wherever they go. Such is the case with a black tourmaline necklace, black tourmaline bracelet, or a black tourmaline ring.

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If you’re interested in owning black tourmaline, then you need to know how you can properly wear it to get the best results. Here’s how:

Wear the type of black tourmaline jewelry according to your needs.

Lining up your black tourmaline jewelry with your chakra points and pulse points will increase the effects you desire. Here are some instances:

  • Wear a ring on your middle finger with a black tourmaline crystal on its center. By doing so, you will allow black tourmaline to enhance both your tranquility and patience.
  • If you want to make your heart healthy and happy at the same time, sport a necklace with a black tourmaline pendant. This way, the crystal will be in-line with your chest.
  • If you want to promote your security and strength, adorn your wrist with a black tourmaline bracelet. In addition, you can also wear it on your ankles.

Black Tourmaline and Our Body.

The right and left sides of your body play a huge role in getting the results from wearing black tourmaline jewelry. While both body parts may be symmetrical, they will still equally absorb the positive energy of black tourmaline jewelry

If you want to absorb the healing energy of the black tourmaline jewelry all to yourself, wear it on the left side of your body. Here are some instances:

  • Wear your black tourmaline ring on any finger of your left hand if you want to decrease loneliness, depression, and anxiety.
  • If you feel like you’ve hated yourself lately for almost no apparent reason, wear your black tourmaline bracelet on your left wrist or ankle.

In general, wearing your black tourmaline jewelry on the left side of your body will shield you from any kind of negative energy.

How to Wear Black Tourmaline Jewelry?

On the other hand, to share positive energy, wear it on the right side of your body. Here are some instances:

  • If you are bitter towards the people around you, wear your black tourmaline bracelet on your right wrist or ankle.
  • For a calming atmosphere around you, wear your black tourmaline ring on any finger of your right hand.
  • If you want protection from accidents, sport black tourmaline jewelry on any right part of your body.

Black Tourmaline Cleansing.

Over time, your black tourmaline jewelry will absorb loads of impurities and negative energies. Such elements will hinder their protective and healing capabilities. Because of this, it’s important to cleanse it from time to time. Below are some ways on how you can cleanse your black tourmaline crystal.

  • Expose it under the sun for several minutes. In return, sunlight will provide the black tourmaline crystals with yang solar energies, thus balancing the crystal’s yang energy.
  • Bury it under the Earth for at least 24 hours. Sure enough, black tourmaline crystals came from the face of the earth. Therefore, they are fitting to cleanse and recharge under the soil. When possible, don’t bury them in soils contaminated with chemicals.
  • Cleanse it with water. As you know, this is the quickest and easiest method of cleansing black tourmaline. If it’s raining, place the crystal outside for 4 to 5 minutes, thus allowing the rainwater to cleanse it. If you prefer tap water, place the crystals in a colander and let faucet water run over it for 10 minutes.


Apart from its benefits, black tourmaline jewelry can also make an excellent addition to your overall fashion. Ultimately, the fact that they can easily complement every fashion style makes them a really worthwhile investment.

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