Black Tourmaline Stone – Healing Properties

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You can see a lot of black tourmaline for sale everywhere, but what is it? What is it used for? And, most importantly, are there any black tourmaline health benefits?

Black tourmaline is a semi-precious stone used in many pieces of jewelry, but its uses exceeds being simply decorative. Aside from that, there are many black tourmaline health benefits to discuss. Some of the main black tourmaline benefits include healing properties that help both the physical and mental health.

Wearing a black tourmaline pendant, for example, is not only aesthetic. In fact, it also wards off negative energy and is an effective type of EMF protection. Sure, the latter is especially important as it can lead to more serious issues if exposed for a long time.

What is EMF and why do we need protection from it?

EMF or electromagnetic field is more commonly known as radiation. It emits harmful waves through natural and man-made sources. In short, this means EMF is everywhere. Natural sources come from the sun while man-made sources come from TVs and gadgets – they all emit EMFs. In addition, prolonged exposure to EMFs or radiation can be harmful to our health and lead to serious illnesses, like cancer. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have a strong type of EMF protection.

Black tourmaline is a powerful type of EMF protection. Therefore, consider placing one in areas with the highest EMF volume.

What are the Main Black Tourmaline Health benefits?

It helps clear the negativity surrounding you.

The stone absorbs the negative energy around you which will leave room for positive energy only. If you feel like you’re exposed to negative energy, then consider placing a black tourmaline stone at the source. In return, this will help change the aura of the room.

It helps balance the chakras.

Because it clears out the negative energy in your surroundings, the stone is able to balance your chakras. As a result, this allows your entire body to harmonize. However, for a more powerful cleansing, combine black tourmaline health benefits with similar gems.

It wards off nightmares.

Another effect of this stone is that it cleanses your surroundings from negative energy. Typically, nightmares come from negative energy and by avoiding this energy, you will achieve a greater quality of sleep.

It reduces stress and anxiety.

Negative energy contributes to your overall stress, thus causing anxiety. Because of its energy, one of the main black tourmaline health benefits is the absorption of bad vibes.

It promotes the detoxification of the body.

Detoxification of your body is another form of cleansing. Some of the remaining black tourmaline health benefits include:

  • Improving circulation.
  • Increasing alertness.
  • Improving metabolism.
  • Improving overall immunity.

Do black tourmaline stones need cleansing?

Yes, it does need cleansing. This is because before you receive your crystal, it goes through many hands. In return, the stone can absorb energies incompatible to yours.

It is, therefore, important that you do a black tourmaline cleansing for it to work effectively. The ways to cleanse your black tourmaline stones are listed below.

Running water.

Placing something under running water is a purification ritual in many cultures. According to popular opinion, running water is effective in neutralizing negative energies, thus cleansing the object. Although it’s better to use natural running water, placing the stone under a faucet is fine.

Natural light.

This is an effective method of both cleansing and recharging your black tourmaline. This works as natural light breaks down the negative ions in your crystal.

Brown rice.

Brown rice draws out negative energy into a safe setting. Therefore, place your black tourmaline stone in a bowl of brown rice. In return, you will manage to eliminate any negative energy in the space.


Sage is known to have many healing properties, with some cultures finding it even sacred. So, if you smudge your black tourmaline with sage, you will succeed in cleansing it of any negative energy.

How to wear black tourmaline stones?

Since it is a popular stone for jewelry, there are plenty of options available. For instance, you can wear a necklace with a black tourmaline pendant. Also, you can wear it as a bracelet with the beads made out of black tourmaline stone. Another option is to wear it as a ring. All in all, wearing it as jewelry will allow you to enjoy all black tourmaline health benefits.

Black Tourmaline Health Qualities: Conclusion.

Black tourmaline stones are a great way of cleansing not only your surroundings but your mind and body as well. Its healing properties will help reduce illness-inducing factors like stress and anxiety, helping you achieve a better quality of life in the long run.

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