Black Tourmaline EMF Protection Products: Choosing the Best!

Black Tourmaline EMF Protection

Have you been having headaches and lack of sleep lately? Like other people, you may have just regarded this recurring pain as nothing out of the ordinary. Well, it could be nothing, or it could be something that is caused by excessive use of mobile phone, as the findings in a recent study suggest. Some people believe such health problems are due to electromagnetic (EMF) radiation emitted by your cell phone. However, we understand that you are attached to your phone. So, rather than giving it up, you can start using black tourmaline EMF protection instead.

A lot of people go for stone therapy not only to protect themselves from EMF radiation but also to have more control of their health. You can dismiss it as “placebo effect,” but even this so-called “power of suggestion” can go a long way in terms of making you feel better.

It is not enough to buy black tourmaline and leave it anywhere. You have to consciously use them by placing them strategically around you to get the vibe. Here, we will discuss how to use black tourmaline EMF protection products and review our favorite black tourmaline product.

How to Use Black Tourmaline EMF Protection Products

The modern times find us surrounded by gadgets that make us connected to people amidst distance, and our lives a lot easier. However, these devices emit EMF radiation that has the potential to affect our health. WiFi devices, cellular phones, and computers are among them. If this potential harm makes you feel uneasy, using black tourmaline for protection may help quell your fears.

The effects of black tourmaline have no medical research backing yet. But, users of black tourmaline have reported an amazing sense of well-being and vitality as well.

Here’s how to activate black tourmaline:

  • Place black tourmaline next to your gadgets.

Black tourmaline is believed to be a great absorber of negative energy. If you place it near your computer, television, and other electronic devices, it can act as a filter so that you will not absorb a lot of the EMF radiation. Others put plants beside the stones for aesthetic purposes and to increase its effects.

  • Grid your work and living space with black tourmaline.

Create an energy grid surrounding your work and living space. As a stone of protection, black tourmaline is believed to help your spiritual being from negative thoughts and feelings. You can do this by putting black tourmaline in the four corners of your home or office.

  • Carry it with you.

You also have the option to carry black tourmaline with you so that wherever you go, you keep “energy vampires” at a distance. These “energy vampires” can be EMF radiation or other people’s energy. You can put it in your pocket close to your cell phone, or you can wear it as a bracelet or a necklace.

  • Cleanse your black tourmaline from time to time.

In order for you to reactivate your black tourmaline, you need to clear and cleanse it. Once it looks dull, submerge it in a glass bowl filled with spring water for a day. Also, others add a few drops of Crab Apple Bach Remedy into the water.

  • Meditate with black tourmaline.

When you have been on your computer or your cell phone for a long while, find a time to quit these gadgets and spend it on relaxation. What better way to do it than meditating with black tourmaline to energize yourself?! Just hold a black tourmaline on one hand or one stone on each hand as you meditate. So, let it interact positively with your chakra and enjoy the marvelous benefits that stem from it.

Our Favorite Black Tourmaline Product!

When it comes to using black tourmaline EMF protection products, the QuanThor Tourmaline Pendant Lava is our favorite. With something that you can carry around your neck, the level of EMF protection rises. It’s not only beneficial to your well-being, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Additional features:
  • Made with Japanese volcanic lava, this pendant is also a negative ion generator, which contributes to good health. Negative ions are often present in waterfalls, rivers, or mountains, and give strength and restore energy.
  • It is a fashionable and pocket-sized stress reliever and calmness inducer.
Benefits of using the QuanThor Tourmaline Pendant Lava:
  • A transformation from a dense feeling to a lighter mood.
  • Improvement in sleep and mental clarity.
  • A peaceful, calm, and relaxed feeling.
  • Relief from a flighty energy or fearful feeling.
Tips for using the QuanThor Tourmaline Pendant Lava:
  • Wear it around your neck to protect you from EMF radiation everywhere.
  • Put it inside your pocket close to your cell phone to act as an EMF radiation filter.
  • Put it in your purse or bag.

Black tourmaline was used by ancient cultures as a stone of protection in shamanistic rituals. For example, in ceremonies in old India, this stone identified the cause of one’s tribulations, as well as the good things. Black tourmaline is useful in rituals and meditative practices to ground one’s spiritual and physical energy and activate the so-called root chakra.

But does using black tourmaline EMF protection really work? While there is no scientific evidence to its effects, black tourmaline EMF protection has brought positive effects vibration to those who seek help. So, if you are plugged into the wonders of alternative therapy, make sure you are not missing out on the benefits of the QuanThor Tourmaline Pendant Lava.

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