The Meaning and Power of Black Tourmaline Stone

black tourmaline cleansing

For starters, the black tourmaline stone, also known as Schorl, is a powerful gemstone with countless benefits to individuals who have it. That said, many people prefer to harvest in benefits by performing a black tourmaline cleansing of the body and mind.

Many people have experienced how the stone, which usually comes in a black tourmaline pendant, can protect them from any negative vibes and energy while influencing positive attitude and happiness at the same time.

The precious gemstone has also been proven to be helpful in psychic and EMF protection as well as promoting jovial mood and clear thinking to any individual. More benefits will be discussed as we go along with the article.

Black Tourmaline Meaning.  

The word tourmaline originated from a Sinhalese word “Tormalli” which is a word used to describe any gemstone that can be found in the country of Sri Lanka. It was also taken from other ancient Sinhalese words such as “turmali” which means “a mixed color precious stone” and “turamali” which means “something small from the earth”.

Furthermore, the black tourmaline is just one of several colored gemstones that has the same structure and properties and is under the tourmaline stone family. The black variety of the gemstone is so popular as it has been proven by people to give several health benefits that promote the overall well-being of any individual who has the possession of the black tourmaline stone.   

Health Benefits of Tourmaline Cleansing.

  • This popular gemstone releases positive energy that helps enhance the immune system and treats different types of body pain including arthritis.
  • The energy can also help a person in releasing stress and other toxins in the body. It can also help in the prevention of adrenal fatigue that is caused by unnecessary stress.
  • The stone has also been proven in helping improve blood circulation and improve metabolism. It also helps increase the alertness and self-confidence of an individual.
  • The gemstone is also useful in protecting the mental aspect of our body which includes protecting our brain. Moreover, the stone reduces fear while treating paranoia at the same time. It also helps in conquering dyslexia and other related mental ailments.
  • Black tourmaline also purifies the body. Black tourmaline cleansing works with our emotions including anxiety, fear, anger, and uselessness. Therefore, it can be an aid to a person who suffers from substance abuse. In addition, it can even eliminate suicidal thoughts.
  • Black tourmaline cleansing properties also protect the negative impact of body radiation. Also, it serves as a filter for any EMF-producing electronic devices. These include mobile phones, television, computer, and similar electronic devices.
  • Black tourmaline cleansing also helps in grounding our spiritual and physical energy. As a matter of fact, the stone works during meditation, thus opening our root chakra.

Black Tourmaline Cleanse.

When it comes to black tourmaline cleansing, you have to physically clean the stone you are using. In addition, you’ll have to take appropriate measures once the stone starts to look dull and dim.

Black tourmaline cleansing and cleaning will recharge the stone and help it work efficiently. Today, there are several ways of cleansing the stone depending on your preference.

Wearing the Black Tourmaline Stone Can Benefit Everyone.

In a world where there is too much negativity, from our home to workplace and other places, carrying with you a black tourmaline stone will provide you with the right protection from all the unwanted energy and negative vibes that are constantly threatening your body. This precious gemstone will help balance your life and keep you grounded while pushing away unwanted stressors and negative energy that can be found in the environment.

The black tourmaline stone will help you maintain your positive energy in a stressful environment. You can also place the stone in your home, specifically in your favorite areas such as the bedroom and the kitchen. Doing so will help in promoting positivity and balance inside your humble home.


The black tourmaline stone comes with several benefits that can help in protecting yourself from the negative effects of a stressful environment. Take advantage of the above-mentioned benefits and start living a stress-free life by getting your hands on such gemstone.

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