History of Black Tourmaline Pendants

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During the late 1600s or early 1700s, Dutch traders off the West Coast of Italy first discovered black tourmaline. Then, in the late 1800s, Tiffany and Co. bought a tourmaline from the mineralogist, George Kunz. Precisely, tourmaline derives from the Sinhalese word “Turmali” which means colored crystals. In fact, for decades, different countries found plenty of black tourmaline benefits. But, black tourmaline shows its effects mostly on the person wearing it.

Thereafter, magicians depended on black tourmaline to be safe from earthly evil spirits as they shed their spells.

Tourmaline can be a great help to artists, authors, actors, and those in other creative areas. A Dutch scientist asserted that the stone can make a child with fever go to sleep. Africans believed that it can awaken a person from the dream of illusion.

In addition, the stone also helps Indians in discovering the cause of troubles or evil deeds. One of the main black tourmaline benefits is helping alchemists in their experiments. Nowadays, tourmaline protects people from harmful electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

The Mythical Powers and Spiritual Attributes of Black Tourmaline

The gem has been widely popular during the medieval period. However, it also found its use in the contemporary world. That said, here are some of its spiritual and mythical properties:

An Effective EMF Protection.

Famous for its positive protective characteristics, black tourmaline is an effective EMF protection. It can filter negative pollutants and radiation. Place your black tourmaline near your home devices such as computers, microwaves, and other electrical equipment. Moreover, you can wear a black tourmaline bracelet to shield you even when you are on the go. When you need to concentrate on reports and work, hold your black tourmaline pendant to arouse your mind.

As a Receptive Stone.

The stone has been helping shamans, sages, and spiritualists across centuries. Black tourmaline is a stone that attracts peace. It works on creating an interaction between the conscious and unconscious spirits. With this, it actually makes healing a success. Therefore, this receptive stone is comforting and calming and encourages undisturbed meditation.

A Gem for Reconciliation.

Many believed that black tourmaline restores broken relationships. This is due to its power of attracting kindness and compassion. In addition, the stone emits energy that attracts good fortune, reconciliation, and friendship. Furthermore, it helps the wearer acquire his personal goals and shield him from possible harm.

Black Tourmaline for Grounding.

The great stone for spiritual grounding and safety, black tourmaline transforms negative energies into positive ones. It usually helps one stay safe from bad vibes around you. Additionally, it protects your aura by cleaning it and removing any negative thoughts and feelings.

The Physical Characteristics of Black Tourmaline.

Compounded with elements such as iron, aluminum, magnesium, lithium, potassium and sodium, tourmaline is a crystal silicate that consists of boron. Due to its known physical characteristics, it is not difficult to identify a tourmaline stone.

Black tourmaline also takes the name schorl, and it is the most common mineral in the group of tourmalines. Although most tourmaline crystals share the same structure, schorl can develop such nice and elegant crystals.

By definition, schorl is the main element of igneous and metamorphic stones. It is the only gem to form stones with a lucid triangular cross-section. What is more, it can also be found implanted in quartz stones. The capacity to become electrically charged by rubbing or heating is the most valuable characteristic of schorl.

Black Tourmaline Benefits to Physical and Emotional Healing Energies.

Today, there are various black tourmaline benefits, particularly in terms of physical and emotional aspects. First, it incites the reflex points connected to the lower back, legs, ankles, and feet. Second, it also fixes the spinal column and relieves pain from certain diseases. Such might include arthritis and torn muscles. Next, the stone boosts one’s immune system and enhances the heart health. And, since it rids toxins and pollutants from the body, it can also treat bowel-related diseases such as constipation.

Wearing a black tourmaline pendant or bracelet can give emotional stability. Also, it cleanses, stabilizes, purifies, and frees your emotions from negative vibes, anxieties, and even anger. With that, one of the black tourmaline benefits is aiding suicidal people and those with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) symptoms.

Where to Get Black Tourmaline?

After knowing about black tourmaline, you might be thinking of having a black tourmaline pendant or bracelet. During the early 1900s, black tourmaline is common in California. In fact, the state was the largest producer of this powerful stone.

Unfortunately, there are very few sources of genuine black tourmaline. Therefore, make sure you get yours from a reliable source. Mostly, black tourmaline jewelry is available in healing or gem stores. Typically, they come in pendant and bracelet forms which you can always bring with wherever you go.

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