Benefits of Combining Black Tourmaline and Essential Oils

black tourmaline and essential oils

Who knew black tourmaline and essential oils could be so beneficial to our health?

Long before the development of the scientific approach to medicine, ancient people had relied on what we now call as alternative medicine. One of its practices was the use of crystals. Not only were they ornaments, but they were also amulets of power, able to improve one’s wellbeing.

Among the crystals with such capability is black tourmaline. With the reliance on the crystals’ benefits, essential oils were also seen as objects with a similar process. Just because they both came from the earth, they appeared to some spiritual healers as a perfect combination for even greater benefits. 

What is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline, also known as Schrol tourmaline, is a crystal with a black or dark blue hue. The tourmaline family can be found in various locations like Africa, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the USA. The black variety is the easiest to obtain and had been targeted for acquisition due to the belief of having great health benefits. 

Connection with Chakra

Black tourmaline oriented towards the lowest chakra, or the ‘Earth Star’ / ‘Root’ chakra. It is an excellent stone for grounding which is a technical term referring to the channeling of the unwanted flow of energy from a protected body to the protecting material.

Also, you can keep your black tourmaline in its rough, rocky form. Believers will put a small size in a pouch that will serve as a charm. The crystal can also be a smooth gem that you can wear as a pendant, beads, or a bracelet. 

Health Benefits

The crystal can either be put inside a pouch, so you wear it as an accessory. It doesn’t matter how is it being handled since the benefits are the same. The health benefits of having black tourmaline are the following:

  • Releases stress.
  • Aids adrenal fatigue.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves pain due to arthritis, spinal issues, and muscular problems.
  • Eases tendencies for those with obsessive behaviors.

Black tourmaline brings health benefits because of its connection to one of the seven chakras. Chakras associate with the major body parts wherein the flow of energy needs to be continuous. Stress and other negative mentalities and habits can block these chakras which, in turn, can’t ensure the activities of the major body parts’ functions.

Using a black tourmaline as a chakra crystal eliminates the negativity by absorbing it and converting it into positive energy. Negative energy also includes EMF which is the energy from modern technology equipment that most people constantly use. Overall, black tourmaline turns out to be an effective charm crystal.

With the benefits emanating from a single crystal, imagine how much more it can do if paired with essential oils. Not only it is a form of EMF protection, but it can also have many other purposes.

Black Tourmaline and Essential Oils

Combining chakras crystals, like black tourmaline and essential oils provides more benefits to the user. While both are effective individually, the combination unsurprisingly is compatible with their functions. Essential oils are quite popular due to the great effects of their essences on different common ailments.

As there is a crystal for every health need, so is the essential oil. The right pairing of black tourmaline and essential oils crystal and essential oil matters. For example, if you want to increase your body’s relaxation, pair a crystal and essential oil with such function. Here are some of the pairings and there functions or purposes:

  • Stress Reliever – Amethyst + Lavender or Chamomile oil
  • Confidence Booster – Rose Quartz + Bergamot
  • Manifesting Abundance – Pyrite + Cardamom or Cinnamon or Clove
  • Positivity Attraction – Citrine + Grapefruit or Blood Orange or Lemon
  • Self Enlightenment – Clear Quartz + Clary Sage
  • Grounding – Hematite + Sandalwood or Cedarwood or Palo Santo
  • Negativity Detachment – Tourmaline + Sage or Frankincense 
Benefits of Mixing Black Tourmaline and Essential Oils

By combining black tourmaline and essential oils, the benefits can be staggering. On its own, the frankincense essential oil works as a mood enhancer while diminishing stress and anxiety at the same time. Meanwhile, the sage essential oil relieves pain, works as a digestive supplement, and reduces stress.

Whenever you use these essential oils with black tourmaline, the latter’s protective capabilities are amplified. Both the crystal and essential oil are protectors of negative energy of all sorts, so the pairing is only logical. The negative energy then transforms into positive energy which can bring a lot of physical relief.

To combine the two protective elements, you can use them as a liquid spray. Inside the bottle of the sage or frankincense essential oil, add around a couple of appropriate sizes of black tourmaline. Perform the rituals according to the yoga or aromatherapy sessions.

Once the essential oil is gone, cleanse the crystal in order to wash away the residue of the negativity it attracted.


With all the increasing negativity brought by the modernization of our society through technology, it is only necessary to have something that brings out the positivity to balance things out. It can be in any medium, even in the form of crystals and essential oils. It may be subjected, but it is not harmful to believe in something that encourages you to live optimistically.

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