Efficient Ways to Biohack and Boost Your Workouts!

Biohacking workout tips

There are no shortcuts to being healthy, but there are various ways to maximize your diet and workouts. Today, biohacking is becoming increasingly popular in achieving maximum results from your fitness routine. There are several biohacking workout tips that you can use as a guide for fat loss, better performance, and overall fitness improvement.

Biohacking a workout can simply mean knowing what tools and tactics you need in order to make your workouts more effective. It combines modern technology and ancestral living that allows you to achieve a lean physique as quickly and cleanly as possible.

What’s great about biohacking a workout is it’s not for advanced athletes only. Anyone can use these biohacking methods to achieve their specific goals faster. If you are looking for biohacking workout tips, here are some efficient ways to biohack your workouts even without the need for a gym.

How to Use Biohacking Workout Tips to Your Benefit
  • Hack Your Vacations and Work Out Anywhere

When you’re on a vacation, it’s natural to want to focus on spending quality time with your family and friends. At the same time, you still want to be training-free and just relax. However, you don’t need to completely abandon your workouts. You only have to know the exact tools that you need to have on hand and optimize your time while you’re using them. During your trip, you can bring an elastic band, a kettlebell, a couple of sliders, and a suspension trainer. By using these portable exercise equipment, you can still use biohack workout tips and implement them practically anywhere.

You can perform swings, goblet squats, pull-ups, suspended lunges, plank rotations, lateral slides, crocodile walks, lateral shuffles, and burpees using the fitness equipment mentioned above. You can always do your workouts wherever you are with these devices. Your vacation exercises can be just as effective as your home workouts, too. You no longer have an excuse for skipping exercise.

  • Occlusion Training

Occlusion training is one of the best biohacking workout tips you can apply to your daily regime. It’s a simple concept that requires a wrapping of the muscle with plastic tubing or an elastic band. After this, you can freely proceed with your workout. For instance, if it’s your arm day, you’d first have to wrap the tubing or band around your arm. Next, you will be ready to do your arm exercise, such as bicep curls.

Emerged research regarding this training style revealed that you can get more than just a better pump from it. A related study conducted on seniors found that blood-flow restricted training, helped them build muscle despite aging.

  • Unstable Surfaces for Core Stabilization Strength and Improved Balance

A book introduces the use of Neuro-Grips, known as Neuro-Mass, as a great training method. The idea is quite simple: You only have to make the surface less stable while you’re performing a push-up. The instability of the surface beneath your hands will require a bigger muscle stimulation, especially in the core and chest. With a tool like this, you no longer need to depend on smart technology to further activate your muscles.

  • Biohack Your Breathing for Improved Oxygen Utilization

Biohacking your breathing is another way to improve your training. A device called an altitude training mask or oxygen-restriction mask is worn to restrict oxygen. You may have noticed this being worn by actors who are training for an action-packed Hollywood film. The oxygen-restricted training’s purpose is to make it difficult for you to draw air. When this happens, your oxygen intake is restricted in a given breath.

For a better performance, always restrict your oxygen access and push your abdominal muscles to work harder. As a result, this will help you build healthier inspiratory-expiratory muscles and diaphragm. Moreover, it will even improve your tolerance to carbon dioxide.  

  • Sauna for Muscle Gain, Cardiovascular Improvement, and Fat Loss

Research revealed that sauna offers a number of benefits. According to a report in JAMA Internal Medicine, the sauna can improve your heart health and even extend your life. University of Eastern Finland researchers discovered that the participants who spent more sauna sessions faced lower risks of heart diseases. The sauna also prolonged the lives of those with other health conditions, including cancer.

According to researchers, the cardiovascular benefits of sauna were likely due to the increase in the blood vessel diameter. The same was true for a decrease in blood pressure, due to the heat and infrared sauna exposure.

Aside from improved cardiovascular health, the sauna also purifies your body and eliminates toxic compounds found in fat cells. This is helpful in detoxifying your body and in fat loss. You can also grow your muscles through sauna conditioning as it helps decrease muscle protein catabolism and improve insulin sensitivity.


These are just some of the biohacking workout tips that you can consider if you want to improve your training. These will help you use more core and your upper body muscles. In addition, it will improve your inspiratory-expiratory muscle strength, and stimulate the release of growth hormones. Aside from these helpful points, you can also learn tips on biohacking nutrition and how to use biohacking workout tips to achieve optimal health.