5 Simple Ways to BioHack Your Way to Better Life

As entrepreneurs, there’s a whole range of business and personal activities we have to take care of. Sometimes, we wish there’s a way to double our bodies so that we can do everything in a day. Though there is currently no way to make this absurd idea happen, there is a growing phenomenon that may help us achieve our optimal performance— biohacking. As biohacking caught the world by a storm, it would be good to learn some of the most worthy biohacking tips to improve your health. 

In this article, we’ll discuss several of these biohacking tips which you can use as a biohacking guide to upgrade your life.

Simple Biohacking Tips You Can Do Every day
Technique #1: Get enough sleep

People already know all benefits of proper sleep and the side-effects of not sleeping well at all. A host of problems can arise if you are sleep deprived. These include irritability, lack of focus, depression, and proneness to chronic diseases. On the flip side, sleeping well makes you more energetic and gives an overall improvement to your mood and health.

Despite knowing all these, getting enough sleep is still more easily said than done. However, there are a couple of proven methods to bio-hack your sleep. Among the simplest to understand is to keep your circadian rhythm in check. This means; try to stick to a regular sleep schedule even on weekends. It’s also necessary to keep away from electronic devices and to turn off the lights when going to bed. These simple biohacking tips can do the trick.

Technique #2: Mind what you eat

One of the most effective boosts for your health is to maintain a healthy diet. This entails eliminating addictive sugars found in soft and energy drinks, processed sweets, and flavored yogurt. All these increases your risk for mood swings, inflammation of the body, and type 2 diabetes. One can easily retain natural sugars, such as those found in fruits and dairy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry over depriving yourself of sugar altogether.

Another form of biohacking diet is the keto diet. It is that diet where your body uses ketones. Ketones are mainly found in healthy fats like coconut oil, nuts, potatoes and more. Unlike carbs, ketones help produce higher levels of energy. For this method to take effect, strictly exclude sugar and carbs from your diet. If you are overweight, this is one of the best techniques you can adapt to.  

Technique #3: Have a regular exercise

Who has not seen regular exercise as part of a healthy routine? Probably none. Actually, many studies showed that exercising regularly reduces the risk of many health issues. Such include depression, diabetes, heart disease, and a line of others. But, aside from risk prevention, exercising also improves the brain performance and boosts the immune system, too.

There is already an abundance of exercise activities you can enjoy, without getting bored or demotivated. For instance, you can always give yoga, dancing, and swimming a try. Have an exercise training that’s fun and that complements your lifestyle and interest. If you please, you can even opt for an activity tracker to help you measure your performance. These exercising biohacking tips are both interesting and achievable on a daily basis.

Technique #4: Practice meditation

Many believe that you can train your mind as much as you can train your body. Similarly, whatever you feed your body is just as important as what you feed your mind. Meditation sounds so unachievable given your busy schedule. But just so you know, there are thousands of scientific studies that support the health benefits of meditation. Some of these include increased sleep quality, lowered stress or anxiety, and boosted productivity.

For an entrepreneur, these benefits will be so rewarding. Yet, they may be hard to achieve. Due to this, experts suggest trying guided meditation, as a way to pick up the habit faster. Some tools are even available on your smartphone apps. Another option is to practice healing prayer to get just the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Technique #5: Undergo fasting

Fasting is another biohacking technique that’s gaining in popularity. Intermittent fasting, for instance, is not only effective in maintaining a healthy weight but also normalizes insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the chances of diabetes. It does so by regulating your hunger hormone and tells the brain to stop eating as you are full.

Two other ways to do fasting are alternate-day fasting and time-restricted eating. In the former, you limit your calorie intake to 25% during fasting days. At the same time, you continue with the usual amount on non-fasting days. On the other hand, time-restricted eating involves setting window hours during the day before eating. If you ever ate before dinner and ate late the next morning, then you have already fasted.


There are other rather controversial biohacking tips available if you’d only look for more resources. But for us, there is nothing comparable to the simple and natural approaches. Sleep, nutrition, training, meditating, and fasting are just some of the relevant aspects to keep in mind. You can consider using these biohackers tips and suggest them to those who don’t want the extreme ways. Still, it’s most important to find ways that best address your needs.