Biohacking Scientific Research: Why Is It Worth It?

Biohacking is a type of scientific activity, which is quite popular in the science community. As a result, biohacking research allowed scientists to use synthetic biology techniques to experiment on living organisms. This could involve something small, such understanding how DNA affects manipulating genes to create life. The reason why biohacking is in the spotlight is that it has the potential to solve health many problems. With that, biohacking will introduce significant medical breakthroughs. Biohacking tips and biohacking research are slowly gaining a lot of traction worldwide. 

To make biohacking more logical, stakeholders explain how we need policies to make the practice more transparent. As a life-changing science, politics spontaneously became part of the process as well. 

Biohacking Research 

Biohacking is also known as a synthetic bio. The thing about biohacking is that it isn’t an everyday corporate practice. It also doesn’t rely on university or big lab testings. Rather, it is usually small labs that manage biohacking. Here, scientists can actually have the freedom to do various experimentations on living organisms.

Even though slowly, biohacking steps onto the scene with a few DIY synthetic bio products available on the markets. These kits have the tools necessary for a do-it-yourself synthetic bio procedure. With that, you also get a few biohacking tips, to help you alleviate the process. These tools and biohacking tips further encourage small lab biohackers to continue pursuing their activities, fancy lab or no fancy lab.

What’s Its Role in the Scientific Community?

We can say that biohacking is quite similar to computer hacking. This is so as biohacking looks deeper into the system and notices what makes it tick. On one hand, computer hacking involves understanding and manipulating software and computer applications. On the other hand, biohacking involves manipulating genes and life itself. In the 70’s, the IT world saw the rise of computer hackers. This is only natural with the aggressive arrival of the internet. Therefore, the emergence of biohackers is similar in fashion.

Of course, biohackers also play a really important role in the scientific community, too. This is because they go against the traditional norms. These allow them to deliver breakthrough discoveries which mainstream scientists cannot achieve due to policy limitations.

How is Biohacking Growing Today?

While biohacking research through history confirms the practice has been around for centuries. However, until now, no one gave it the necessary encouragement. In fact, biohackers adopted the nickname “garage scientists,” as they get no recognition at all.

Still, biohacking news shows that the activity is slowly being encouraged as an innovation. With that, the community of biohackers seems to be expanding. We can even see companies engaging in the activity itself. These include Synbiota and Genomikon. These two companies and many others are revealing biohacking research secrets to encourage more people to try it. With that, they believe the path towards breakthrough discoveries is guaranteed.

What Are the Policies of Biohacking?

The thing about biohacking is that there are no solid rules for it yet. While there is already a DIYBIO code of ethics, nothing is definite. However, it is possible that the code of ethics relies on creating the existing regulations.

With that said, it’s very important that the regulations for biohacking allow its dynamics to flow. As a result, we can expect a drastic change in both discoveries and innovations. This is why the code of ethics puts heavy emphasis on transparency, accountability, and safety. With it, the public will understand what synthetic bio is all about, so no one abuses it. In a sense, the community will be the one to regulate the synthetic bio practices.

Of course, all of this is still open for discussion. This is why a number of stakeholders need to be a part of the dialogue. In this way, we can obtain more precise ideas from participants. The most important factor is to make sure there are proper moral standards all biohackers adhere to. 

In any case, it’s very important to eliminate the biohacking fear that most policymakers have. It’s for this reason that there should be total transparency in biohacking, to begin with.


Biohacking research focuses on potential breakthroughs the world has never seen before. What’s more, biohacking research allowed many to make new discoveries on their own.

This is because biohackers are already going to the very core of life itself— the genes. If they understand how to manipulate the DNA of living organisms, they can further understand how life itself works. These experiments help find cures for illnesses and enhance the brain focus as well. This is relevant for both entrepreneurs, as well as mankind in general. 

Of course, biohacking research will fall under the political aspect of the practice. That’s why it’s important for policymakers to keep an open mind when in a discussion about this subject.