How Biohacking Helps Increase Workplace Productivity?

biohacking productivity tips

Biohacking has become a common term among lifestyle enthusiasts in the recent past, and companies all over the globe have adopted biohacking as a way of improving people in a bid to positively trigger production. Searching through the web, you will not miss articles discussing the many biohacking hacks, as well as numerous biohacking productivity tips. So, what are some of the best biohacking productivity tips? Do they really improve human productivity?

Well, for the sake of these questions, we discuss whether you can biohack your productivity, and perform optimally. We have also put together some biohacking productivity tips that you can adapt to influence your productivity.   

Are Biohacking Productivity Tips Effective?

The success of any business is dependent on the productivity of the team members. In order to earn more, you as a team player should give optimal output in the areas you manage.

It is not uncommon to have colleagues who are effective in short-term deadlines. They seem to be more alert and have their creativity on top. On the other hand, you might be struggling to complete even a single assignment. The highest possibility is that there is something they are doing differently in their lifestyles. They probably are using the best biohacking tips which help improve their productivity.

Your productivity is dependent on your general health including body wellness, emotional, and mental health. If you can manage to get your health in check, you will optimize your productivity even further. Little changes in your lifestyle can improve your health which will positively impact your performance. Dave Asprey, one of the pioneers of biohacking, is known to adopt a diet that boosts his I.Q, thus keeping his productivity on top.

So, yes it can be done; it is possible to adopt all biohacking productivity tips in your life. A few changes here and there on your lifestyle can biohack your productivity.  

Best Biohack Productivity Tips

Performing at the optimal level is every person’s desire. It gives a sense of fulfillment and motivation to keep become even more productive. Not to mention that your stay at any job depends on how well you execute your tasks. Don’t lag behind anymore; use the following biohacking productivity tips to stay at the top of your game:

  • Take Cold Showers in the Morning

You can tell a good day by how it starts in the morning. To jumpstart your day on a good note, ensure you take a cold shower as soon as you wake up. Cold showers improve circulation and boost the immune system. They also increase alertness and keep away sleep for a long time.

With the right adrenaline, you could take on any task and deliver a staggering performance. If you don’t enjoy cold showers, you can start showering with warm water and gradually dial down the temperatures. Ensure that you sit under a cold one a few minutes before stepping out of the shower.

  • Get Some Inspiration

After taking a cold shower, you can increase your inspiration by taking in the right stimulants. If you have been taking coffee in the morning, then you are already started on the biohacking productivity journey. Coffee has caffeine that hacks into your system to alter how you perform. You can, however, improve your productivity by changing the type of drink that you take in the morning.

Take for example the Bulletproof Coffee by Dave Asprey. This coffee contains a number of health supplements such as brain octane oil and butter. These supplements typically boost the brain function by injecting the right energy into the brain.

Another example is the Yerba Mate that is a favorite drink of Tim Ferris, who is also a biohack enthusiast. This drink has theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine stimulants. These three have the ability to enhance creativity and clarity as he said in this podcast.

  • Minimize EMFs and Blue Light Exposure

Wi-Fi has become common in the workplaces and homes. Though it is an effective technology, the electromagnetic field it emits to the atmosphere is harmful to our health. Some of the health effects of EMFs include disrupted sleep, headaches, and low immune function.

To improve productivity, it is wise that you minimize your exposure to the EMFs. You can do this by turning off the Wi-Fi button on your devices when you do not need it. Same goes for the blue light. Blue light usually emits from electronic devices such as your computer and mobile phone. Ensure you use blue light blocking glasses when using these devices at night.

  • Get Enough Sleep

After a day’s work, you need to get enough rest and supercharge your system for the following day. A good night’s sleep is one way of getting a rest. A sleep-deprived person experiences troubles with his cognitive and alertness abilities. As a result, he or she will likely reflect a negative effect on productivity.

You can help your body relax by taking a magnesium supplement before sleeping. Ensure that you turn off all the light and noise as they can distract your system while sleeping.

Final Thoughts

Much can be said about biohacking, but it is generally the small tweaks that you can apply to your life to boost body function. Such tweaks include maintaining a good posture when sitting at your desk. Also, it is very important that you take energy boosting meals during the day. All these are biohacking productivity tips that will ensure that your system can perform at the highest ability.

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