The Biohacking Movement By Dave Asprey: Think Smarter and Faster!

Biohacking guide

While most people think of biohacking as a special type of science wherein non-mainstream scientists try to experiment on living organisms, biohacking is actually more than just that. Biohacking can actually be used in everyday life to improve one’s health and well-being.  One particular man who has created a fabulous biohacking guide, encourages this.

This man is known as Dave Asprey and is the creator of a biohacking guide aimed at helping us be at our optimal peak of health.  

Who is Dave Asprey?

For those who are not familiar with Dave Asprey, he is the author of the Bulletproof Diet, which encompasses biohacking guide and tips for fitness and health. The biohacking guide that Asprey presents is very holistic in a sense that they look at the mind and body as a whole.

The interesting thing to know about Asprey is that he did not discover biohacking through experiments and scientific methods. He actually discovered a layman version of biohacking accidentally. With his discovery, he dove deeper and deeper into the art and created his own guide.

His guide encompasses both biohacking body and biohacking brain tips for an overall health experience.

Asprey’s Biohacking Guide

According to the Dave Asprey’s biohacking guide, the mind and the body are very much connected. So if one slows down, then the other one will follow suit.

To explain it simply, just think of the time when you were stuck at work but haven’t eaten breakfast yet. You’d most likely feel very sluggish and sleepy. This is because your brain isn’t getting the glucose that it needs in order to function properly. This small example will already tell you that there is a link between the body and your brain.

Now, Asprey came up with a few biohacking guide tips that can allow you to get both your brain and body to its top form. Here are a few tips you may be interested to know of:

  • Adopt the Bulletproof Diet

The Bulletproof Diet is the brainchild of Asprey and has been successful for a lot of people who tried. Basically, Asprey categorizes certain foods under the Green Zone, Yellow Zone, or Red Zone. The Green Zone consists of food you should eat. In addition, the Yellow Zone consists of foods you should eat in smaller amounts, as they cause inflammation. Finally, the Red Zone consists of food you should avoid eating altogether.

Some foods in the Green Zone include lamb, green vegetables, and low mercury fish. Some foods to avoid include GMO vegetables and meat, synthetic flavorings, and fats.

  • Drink Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof Coffee formula is pretty much just a recipe for a ketogenic coffee. It’s basically a drink made from a special type of coffee bean, brain octane oil (coconut oil), and ghee. Mix this in a blender and you’ll have the Bulletproof Coffee. You can consume this coffee while you’re on the Bulletproof diet.

  • Meditate

Asprey emphasizes the need to meditate in order to gain a higher level of awareness of the body. It also helps relax and cleanse the mind so that it can function at a much better pace. Asprey has a special type of meditation known as the 40 Years of Zen program wherein he will teach meditation and how to reach that higher state of awareness.

Whether you enroll in his program or not, you can still try basic meditation to help you calm down and relax. One of the simplest ways to meditate is to lie down, close your eyes, and drop your body. Now, think of only your breathing and listen to each breathe you make. While doing this, simultaneously try to let go of any thought that enters your head. You may do this for around 15 to 20 minutes at the start.

  • Biohack Your Brain

Asprey has his own methods of biohacking the brain so that people can improve the cognitive functions. This includes fixing your diet, improving your sleep, and getting your regular dose of exercise. You can find a lot of great biohacking tips in his new book known as Head Strong. To add to that, there are other things that you can add to your diet to biohack your brain so it can perform better. Here are a few superfoods you’d need to improve brain capacity:

  • Turmeric
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Citicoline
  • Acetyl L Carnitine


Because of Asprey’s discovery, he himself was able to boost up both his brain power and his fitness. And many of his followers were able to do the same as well. Being one of the innovative leaders of the biohacking movement, he has made a huge impact on people today.

His biohacking guide targets those who want to improve their thinking capacity and their fitness levels. Of course, you can get both at the same time as they connect at all times. If you follow his Biohacking tips, you will be sure to see the difference in how you process thoughts and move your body.

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