10 Biohacking Benefits Which Drastically Boost Your Health!

biohacking benefits

Most of us look forward to living a long, healthy and happy life. But how can we make this happen? First off, it is not all about keeping a fancy diet or getting an expensive gym membership. Now, let’s introduce biohacking. As a process, biohacking helps you achieve a healthy life free of resentment. What is more, there are plenty of additional biohacking benefits you can use to improve your lifestyle. 

Shortly, biohacking is a preparation for human optimization. Besides, biohacking involves a sequence of techniques which hack your biology thus ensuring optimal performance in the body. Typically, these biohacking procedures are referred to as biohacking tips.

What is biohacking?  

With an increase in technology, you can almost hack anything. Today, you can even hack into your own biological system. While there are different definitions of biohacking, these are the ones that matter:

According to Dai Manuel, a lifestyle mentor, biohacking is a tool for manipulating the brain and body to achieve the best results.

No, biohacking doesn’t mean you should be a scientist. Instead, it implies that having a clear mind gives you a better performance, productivity, energy, and focus.

Classifications of Biohacking

Initially, biohacking expert, Ellen Jorgensen, categorizes biohacking based on three aspects, namely:

  • GrinderThis involves people seeking to improve their bodies by using a DIY cybernetic device
  • Do It Yourself– This entails biotechnological movements wherein individuals learn biology using traditional methods used in standard research institutions
  • Nutrigenomics– This approach uses nutrition to control the human biology.
Biohacking Benefits and Importance

What is biohacking and why should we keep it in mind? Well, irrespective of your business, you go through many other analytics and data processes. If people can manage numbers to ensure their business is successful, why not improve people in general?

Biohacking is a process, which involves different aspects of our lives. It further includes being conscious of your surroundings, your nutrition, hydration, and remaining senses. Through biohacking, people can become more active and productive, thus increasing the performance of their businesses.

What are the Amazing Benefits of Biohacking?

There are numerous biohacking benefits you should know. All biohacking benefits differ from one individual to another. However, the ten main biohacking benefits, according to expert Dave Asprey, are as follow:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Hormonal balance
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improved mood
  • Longevity
  • Fewer inflammations
  • Reduced brain fog
Biohacking Guide for Beginners

Biohacking is a systematic thinking approach which considers the effects on the body, starting with the small parts. Ultimately, what matters in biohacking is understanding how our body works. By following our bodily processes, we can easily find out a way to optimize them.  

Below, find a beginner’s guide to help you understand biohacking benefits as well as the concept itself:

  • Know your DNA

The best starting point for biohacking is having a DNA profile. Genetic profiling helps you identify the way our body functions. By knowing your DNA, you will become more aware of your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

While you may not need a genetic profiling to begin biohacking, it will help you achieve a true body optimization.

    • Be conscious of your nutrition

Nutrition affects the entire human body. Knowing your DNA is helpful here since different genes process fats differently, too. Therefore, someone can benefit from a high-fat diet. Meanwhile, someone can benefit more from a high-carb diet.

  • Nootropics

One of the biggest biohacking benefits is learning how to improve your cognition. Helping you achieve this goal ate nootropics. Even more, a better perception creates better chances of making the right decision.

  • Correct posture

Nowadays, most people spend time sitting for an average of 10 hours daily. However, how we sit affects our body over time. It may result in muscle tightness or inflammation. To prevent that, there are several useful biohacking techniques you can try. Ultimately, these will guarantee you a right posture, especially when sitting.  

  • Meditation

Emotional responses are part of the human brain. Nonetheless, emotional responses often cloud our judgment and lead us to make wrong decisions. By meditating, we maintain a calm focus and prevent ourselves from making poor decisions in the first place.

How Does It Improve Our Well-being?

Some of your competitors seem always to stand out while keeping their productivity on the right level. So, how do you keep up with them? Well, sometimes, the secret to better performance and productivity means knowing no secret at all.

As an entrepreneur, you should care more about biohacking because:

  • How you feel has a direct impact on your productivity

As an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate about improving yourself daily. Also, personal health is most likely to affect your mood, which also affects your output and productivity.

For instance, the University of Texas conducted a study in the field. What they found is that an entrepreneur`s decision to change the color of their office impacts their productivity hugely.

Just like this, biohacking uses a similar idea. Moreover, trying different biohacking tips is identical to working different tests, which you can follow and optimize.  

  • It is crucial for a business to use up to date technology.

Through technology, you can get all sorts of data you need. In the meantime, with technological innovations, biohacking has become increasingly exciting to practice. Additionally, different companies strive to make many technological advancements, incorporating biohacking benefits even further. In fact, using technology keeps you ahead of the competition, especially with biohacking in mind. 

Also, biohacking enables you to improve your efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. This claim is supported by James Paine, the founder of West Realty Advisors, and an expert in the field.

Below are 7 biohacking tips from renowned biohackers, including Ben Greenfield, Crosby Tailor, Samuel Shaw, and Natasha Wiscombe:

  • Inversion for an increased blood flow, immunity, and spinal decompression.
  • Daily showers to diminish stress and reduce fats
  • Using natural herbs for grounding an staying calm
  • Switching off the television
  • Digesting information without wasting plenty of time
  • Prioritizing your schedule to make your day less stressful
  • Detoxifying your body using supplements, thus optimizing your functionality.

Through biohacking, one can explore biology, while also gaining access to their body systems. Consequently, you can understand your body better. In addition, biohacking seeks to help individuals improve their focus, memory, and maintain their mood, using a unique method.

Finally, biohacking benefits affect the human health enormously and positively. Sure, this may be a trend, but an effective one and one followed by many, both professionally and privately.