How Other Countries Protect their People from EMF

banning emf devices

The abbreviation EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. Mother Nature and us humans produce EMF but in a very low intensity. However, technologies that we use and see every day such as mobile phones, power lines, and Wi-Fi signals produce EMFs in a very high intensity which can be harmful to us. Because of that, more and more schools consider banning EMF devices of various types.

Many countries around the world have now made certain counter-actions to provide their citizens with EMF protection. Therefore, we’ll get to know what steps they’ve made.

Effects of EMF

In order to learn the effects of EMF on our bodiies, read the list below:

  • Increases blood pressures.
  • Triggers leukemia cells to grow rapidly.
  • Changes the protein in the skin.
  • Damages the DNA.
  • Damages the brain cells.

Banning EMF Devices, Including Cellphones

Today, the moderate use of cellphones or mobile phones is the no.1 agenda to fight EMF. Surprisingly, these devices are what most people interact with around the world. As odd as it may sound, this has seemingly become an extension of one’s overall being.

Cellphones are the leading device that produces EMF. Nowadays, studies have shown that in just under 15 minutes of using a cellphone, a person has contracted high levels of EMF. However, the ban on cellphones is mostly targeted on children, and it is not exactly a total ban but instead, a call for moderation monitored by adults. So, children exposed to EMFs at a very young age are most likely to get cancer and other diseases when they grow older.

Here’s a list of countries that have banned cell phones strictly from children:

  • China
  • Italy
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Russia
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria

Banning Wi-Fi

Similar to cellphones, Wi-Fi has become a necessity for people around the world. Because the demand for Wi-Fi grows higher and higher, so is the risk of EMFs. Nowadays, Wi-Fis are not only present in homes and offices, but they’re also present in dense areas within a city. Therefore, Wi-Fi is basically anywhere, just like cellphone signals.

However, a total ban on Wi-Fi cannot be implemented as some people and firms rely on it for their jobs and necessities. But if you look into which countries have banned wifi in schools, there are several of them.

Here’s a list of countries that are banning EMF devices of various sorts:

  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • India
  • Israel
  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Canada

Ultimately, some of these countries suggested the use of hardwired instead of wireless internet in schools.

How Other Countries are Banning EMF Devices

Here are specific actions made by other countries who opted for banning EMF devices:

South Africa

Here, some citizens in the country were outraged when a cellphone mast was built on a school without their consultation. Initially, they are worried about the impact it will have on their children, and thus their education. Therefore, they urged the local government to remove the cellphone mast as soon as possible.


On April 12, 2018, the country’s leaders attended a hearing at the Danish Parliament on Health and Safety Issues of Cell Phone Radiation and Wireless Radiation. Furthermore, the attendees of the hearing discussed and investigated the growing health concerns caused by mobile devices and wireless networks.

The United Kingdom (UK)

Interestngly, the country opened a private school in 2013 that is banning EMF devices like computers, internet, and TV as educational tools. Then, on June 19, 2018, U.K. Culture Secretary Matthew Hancock urged schools to eradicate the use of phones inside the campus, thus banning EMF devices to an extent.


In June 2018, Irish senators Victor Boyhan, Billy Lawless, and Gerard Craughwell proposed legislation called The Education (Digital Devices in School) Bill. It is basically banning EMF devices like phones for students inside the campus. If caught using a phone, the student will have to surrender it for the duration of a day as a first offense sanction. On the second offense, the phone will be held by teachers for a week. Third offense, the phone will be returned to the student after the school year.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Arabian chief psychiatrist, Dr. C.B. Binu stressed the importance of reducing and monitoring the amount of time children spend in the digital world. Although his focus was on the effects of gadgets on a child’s mental health, the community still acknowledged his claims. On the long haul, they foresee that his studies will be of great help in protecting children from EMF radiations.


On June 15, 2018, the country prevented students from using mobile phones on-campus. In addition, Rwanda Education minister, Dr. Eugene Mutimara revealed studies showing how usage of phones affect students, and particularly their academic performance. Because of this, the country insists on banning EMF devices, including wi-fi and cell phones.


In the years to come, more and more countries will join the practice of banning EMF devices. However, each one of us should make certain steps to protect ourselves and our children from EMF.           

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4 Medical conditin coperta e-book 3D low ress

The Biggest 4  Medical Condition generated by Electromagnetic Radiation


IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.



4 Medical conditin coperta e-book 3D low ress

The Biggest 4  Medical Condition generated by Electromagnetic Radiation


IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.