Arthritis Pain | 20 Ways To Get Relief From it Naturally

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain, Rheumatoid arthritis pain, Magnetic therapy bracelet, Magnetic Bracelets, Magnetic copper bracelet, all five terms share something in common. They all can affect your health in one way or the other. Physical pain is a condition we all don’t want to feel. Arthritis pain is one of those conditions that will definitely ensure us that. Anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers are the usual options to let go of arthritis pain. However, alternatives are now highly used and even recommended. For the next 15 minutes of your life, we offer you 20 natural solutions against arthritis pain. Multitude options exist, feel free to pick the one that suits you best.

What do you know about Arthritis?

When it comes to a health condition, it’s crucial to be clear about its definition. So, let’s give the essence of what arthritis pain is. Arthritis is a set of painful and worsening conditions. The conditions manifest via inflammations causing aches, pains, stiffness and swelling in and around one or more joints. Two kinds of arthritis are more common, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The latter is the most common of both. However, our focus is on rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis pain occurs because the one meant to defend your body instead attacks it. That is, your body tissues are attacked by your immune system, harming a soft tissue in your joints called, synovium. Synovium is the fluid that feeds the cartilage while lubricating the joints. This attack eventually goes to damage your cartilage and bone in the joints. The condition can affect everybody, but it has favourites. If you are a woman, an obese or overweight person, then rheumatoid arthritis pain prefers hurting you.

No need to add to the pains in your old age. Below are 20 ways we propose to relieve your Arthritis Pain.

1. Begin with what you eat.

You surely heard this before, ‘‘you are what you eat’’. Now we are saying this, ‘‘you heal from what you eat’’. For instance, turmeric and ginger are natural anti-inflammatories. They drop the levels of enzymes that provoke inflammation, relieving you from rheumatoid arthritis pain. If you love Indian meals, then you will receive plenty of turmerics. Wherever you stand, go for turmeric and ginger rich meals.

2. Go for magnesium.

You might be shocked to learn that your body is unable to produce magnesium naturally. Sorry, but you still need to get it from outside. Vegetables, nuts, spinach, cheese, pumpkin, are all natural food magnesium sources. Magnesium helps the bones of your body mineralize, and it relaxes your muscles, relieving you from pains.

3. God fat, fewer arthritis pains.

You could use some Omega 3 fatty acids to fight rheumatoid arthritis pain or arthritis pain in general. You can either get them from fish oil, oysters, flaxseeds, soybeans, and many other seafood’s. Know that when you consume an omega 3, it cuts down the inflammation causing the rheumatoid arthritis pain.

4. Your posture counts.

The way you sit, stand or walk, makes a difference. Putting up a good posture will really prevent you from various arthritis pain types. Jutting your abdomen forward can give you serious lower back pain. Not to talk of slouching in a chair. With the aid of a physical therapist, you will easily and better learn how to get the proper body postures.

5. Keep the sports rolling.

One of the most exciting ways of relieving your arthritis pain is via physical exercise. This supports the joints and improves balance and flexibility. But then, there exists some controversy on how exercise will help ease your rheumatoid arthritis pain. Thus, we highly recommend you a physical therapist to guide you on the proper activities for your case.

6. Think of taking a nap.

In the words of Alan Cohen, ‘‘There is a virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest’’. Rest assured people, this works for arthritis. You must balance the exercise with breaks, resting, and relaxing. All three will help reduce inflammations and other symptoms of your rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Note: – Quality sleep is more important than the amount of sleep. For good sleep, check out how EMF reduce melatonin.

7. Watch out for your weight.

The more the body weighs, the more rheumatoid arthritis pain hurts. Your weight is an ally to arthritis pain. Weight exerts pressure on your joints, especially your knees, hips, and feet. You have the solution to reduce any stress on your joints, prevent any damage and pain. Just keep your weight normal.

8. Healthy life, lesser pains.

All about healthy living is absolutely true. If you mess up with it, then you are a sure living corpse. Let’s focus on smoking. Smoking cigarettes will stress the tissues that connect your joints and bring you pain. If you smoke, drop the stick, because you are worsening your rheumatoid arthritis pain.

9. Using heat and cold.

If you are a victim of rheumatoid arthritis pain, try warm and cold water. Warm water surges blood flow in the suffering part of your body. This reduces inflammations, relaxes tight muscles, and relieves stiffness and soreness of joints. Cold water decreases blood flow to reduce swelling. It equally slows the spread of pain signals through nerves and stops inflammatory chemicals.

10. Waxes can be of help

I guess you all are aware that candles are made from wax. But did you know that paraffin wax can relieve you from pains? Melted paraffin wax coated to your sore hands, feet or joints, traps the heat in the affected body parts. This relieves a good amount of pain for all those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis pain.

11. Body massage.

If rheumatoid arthritis pain is your problem, body massage is one of your solutions. Massage techniques slow strokes on deeper muscle tissue, relieving tension. Whatever technique you chose, a body massage on your arthritis suffering body parts will make you healthier.

12. Use the mind and calm the body

Your mind dominates your body, and a positive mindset helps you heal. Did you know that? That’s why you should consider psychotherapy to relieve your arthritis pain. Indeed, you could try hypnosis. This is some complex thing to do, and the outcome is hard to obtain. Yet, with the right psychotherapist, you will reduce your emotional distress that will help relieve your pain.

13. Stinging Nettle; consider herbal supplements.

It’s time to learn some planting because the extract of nettle weeds is a sure way to decrease arthritis pain. You can either go old school, applying the fresh stinging nettle plant extract to your painful joints. Or you could consume food recipes with stinging nettle as an ingredient.

14. Arthritis pain relieved by bee sting therapy.

This may be scary, especially if you hate bees. Yet, when you are in rheumatoid arthritis pain, even bee stings become a solution for you. Here, bee venom is extracted, diluted, and administered to the particular parts of your body that are hurting. This helps relieve the stiffness and pains felt in the joints of arthritis victims.

15. Taking a peaceful Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt is an ingredient victim of rheumatoid arthritis pain must add to their bathing water. With just half a table cup, Epsom salt will relieve the pains on any part of your body. In general, you need to soak 2 table cups of salt in your bathing water. Besides, Epsom salt contains magnesium, which gives you the most relief everywhere your body feels pains.

16. You must try the Aloe vera plant.

Research has revealed it, Aloe vera lets go of the stress from your inflamed joints and knees. When you use Aloe vera, you will consume the same natural compound found in your cartilage called, glucosamine. Glucosamine helps reduce arthritis pain and stiffness. Aloe vera is a cure you must always carry along when arthritis is your problem.

17. Scalar energy against arthritis pain

As an enhancer of your body immunity power and cellular activities, scalar energy is a way out against arthritis pain. Scalar energy pendants will relieve pinched nerve pains arthritis will bring on to you. Placing these pendant on your painful body part, or inside your cloth pocket, will ease various arthritis pain for life.

18. Magnets can help.

Lots of controversies exist with this natural treatment. Yet, magnetic therapy bracelet has been there for a while, magnetic copper bracelet most especially. In theory, magnetic therapy bracelet explains that, magnetic bracelets influence the circulation of iron in the blood. The magnetic fields produced by the magnetic bracelets goes to realign the ions in your inflamed body parts. By so doing, it goes to reduce damaged cells, providing a fresh and rich supply of nutrients and oxygen. This helps relieve rheumatoid arthritis pains and numerous other arthritis pain types.

19. Add more minerals to your body.

Transdermal micro-nutrition (TDM), knowing this term gives you an advantage over arthritis pain. Science tells us that this is how the magnetic copper bracelet works. The theory states that micro-minerals (copper) in the magnetic copper bracelet, combine with sweat on the skin. This will ease the arthritis pain at the level of your joints or any other body parts.
Micro-minerals absorbed via your sweat go straight to your bloodstream. This has a stronger impact than oral intakes. Keep that in mind if you have doubts concerning the magnetic therapy bracelet.

20. More than magnetic bracelets.

It’s not just meant to be your body wear. Many options are open to you, magnetized water is among. This water will relieve you from pains, by increasing absorption of oxygen and nutrients in your blood. More to the magnetic therapy bracelets, you now have magnetic therapy pads and mattresses. Arthritis sufferers need all the options, and this is what we propose for you.

All things considered, before you go for any of the above, we strongly recommend the viewpoint of your doctor. Yet, beware that there’s already someone using one of the above. So, why not you?

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