Mistakes You Must Avoid When Choosing Your Lava Black Tourmaline Pendant

activate black tourmaline

More and more people are getting inclined to health and wellness, from preparing organic and vegan meals to aiming for balanced chakras and tranquil spirit using healing crystals. However, there is currently a much-developed debate on black tourmaline as an effective crystal to enhance our health. What is more, if you activate black tourmaline, healers note you can harvest countless benefits from it.

Beneficial Crystals: Background

Usually, it may seem odd to some people, but the use of healing crystals has made history in many cultures. In fact, crystals make it on room shelves or you can wear them to improve the mind and bodily functions. Presently, out of the many healing stones people use, the black tourmaline pendant has been one of the most popular healing stones.

These stones are hardened lava stone beads. Because of their unique properties, tourmalines are made into jewelry. Aside from their fashion statement, tourmaline stones are known for their grounding properties. Daily, we are confronted with harmful electromotive force (EMF), a lot of people wear black tourmaline pendant for EMF protection as well.

Do you need to activate black tourmaline and how does it work?

By definition, the black tourmaline pendant is one of the many must-have healing stones. Actually, it works for any situation. For instance, you can place it in your bedroom, car, or you can wear it like any jewelry. So, whenever you are faced with any challenging circumstances, your black tourmaline pendant is nearby to revitalize your spirit!

Because of their therapeutic purposes, black lava tourmalines are popular around the globe, and they surely attract a number of clients. Therefore, if you’re planning to buy one, here are some mistakes you must avoid in choosing your black tourmaline pendants:

1. Failure to Check the Legitimacy of the Black Tourmaline

Although they are referred to as black tourmalines, their colors usually range from black to brown. In addition to this, be keen on recognizing fake tourmaline pendants. If you are visiting a physical store, make sure to scrutinize the physical characteristics of the stone.

2. Choosing a Black Tourmaline That Comes with A Cheap Price Tag

There is no way that you can acquire a black tourmaline pendant for $1. Instead, black tourmalines are priced per carat, and the value generally increases after the first five carats.

3. Failure to Discriminate Black Tourmaline Therapeutic Stones from Non-Therapeutic Ones

First, the physical properties of lava black tourmaline stones reflect their therapeutic value. Whenever choosing those with therapeutic worth, always look for those with dynamic patterns. Likewise, consider the character, color, clarity, and cut of the stone:

  • Character: Each black tourmaline stone comes with a unique ratio of mineral contents.
  • Color: Black tourmaline tones that wander off their optimal color has less therapeutic value.
  • Clarity: Black tourmalines have so-called inclusion patterns. As a result, the liquid from the environment remains inside the stone.
  • Cut: Cutting and drilling require precision. Rounded or spherical black tourmalines should contain minimum nicks and irregularities. Drill holes should be consistent in size and have a smooth surface.
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $25.00.

4. Trusting Sellers that Offer Cheap Charges for Black Tourmalines

Always look for reputable sellers. With this, ask for their security certification or records of past sales. Also, use Google to research the seller’s shop and check for reviews.

5. Failure to Believe the Power of the Black Tourmaline Stone

Crystal healers believe that it is the black tourmaline healing stone that chooses you. Moreover, you must trust your intuition during the selection process of the right black tourmaline pendant for you. When visiting a physical store, run your hands over the black tourmaline stones and close your eyes. For example, do you feel the revitalization of your spirit? Perhaps, you sense tranquility? Regardless of your intention, allow your intuition to guide you to the black tourmaline stone that attracts your soul.

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How to activate black tourmaline once in possession?

It is common to ask, especially by first-time users of black tourmaline healing stones, if such stones are ready to use. Of course, black tourmaline stones must be cleaned first. However, in order to obtain their healing properties, they must be attuned first.

First, charge the black tourmaline pendant with your energy. Sure, you can do this by simply holding it in your hand while closing your eyes. Furthermore, visualize your intentions and goals in using the black tourmaline pendant. Finally, feel the stone absorbing your energy.

As soon as your energy absorbs into the black tourmaline pendant, choose how you’ll use the stone.

How to activate black tourmaline pendants?

  • Wearing daily: This can create a grounding effect and tranquility during trying times.
  • Stone healing: Place it directly on painful areas to hasten the healing process.
  • In your space: Place it in your home or in your car where you are consumed with the hustle-bustle of daily life.
  • EMF Protection: Place it on your working space (e.g. desktop) or in your working room to minimize EMF exposure.
  • On your desktop: This is the place where a lot of thinking and stress happens. Amethyst and black tourmaline are best for this purpose. The crystals will provide a calming and clearing effect on your mind, thus giving focus!


Understandably, the energy surrounding us daily is chaotic and depressing. Therefore, the negative energy wrapping us corrupt our productivity and happiness in every day. By learning to activate black tourmaline pendants, you are setting yourself up for definite success of using it. Also, the energy of the lava black tourmaline stones will give a deep sense of connection to Mother Earth. Ultimately, this will allow the spirit to change, grow, and evolve.

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