7 ways to protect your child from EMF radiation

7 ways to protect your child from EMF radiation

Ways to protect your child from EMF radiation: In recent years, parents have at their disposal a series of electronic devices, a priori designed to make their lives easier. Some, such as tablets or mobile phones, entertain the little ones and have become one more element of the game; others, like the microwave, save time, and baby monitors. As the name suggests, monitor the baby while she sleeps and the parents engage in other activities near the room where she rests.

All these instruments generate electromagnetic waves. There are contradictory studies on whether the use of these devices can translate into an increased risk of cancer. But, at the slightest suspicion that there may be some correlation, experts advise the principle of caution.

Here we give parents very important 7 tips on the use of these tools that have become essential in everyday family life.

Protect your child from EMF radiation

1. It is convenient to watch the audiovisual content by cable:

The consumption of television programs or cartoons through television platforms that operate over the internet. Such as Netflix and smart televisions, makes the wireless signal reach the viewer, which exposes them to unnecessary continuous wireless radiation.

This teacher is in favor of seeing these contents on television or on a computer that is connected by cable since in these cases the electromagnetic radiation that reaches us is zero.

The expert explains that many telephone operators install wireless devices to avoid wiring, which is more expensive. But recommends that the customer ask the operator for the cable option. After all, we will make continuous use throughout our lives and there is no need to take potential risks if we have alternative systems.

2. You can look at the drawings on the mobile in airplane mode:

When a child downloads a video from YouTube to watch it on their tablet or mobile, that device constantly radiates electromagnetic waves. Videos require a massive demand for data and are a common source of exposure to these radiations. Experts recommend first downloading an episode of cartoons, a series, or a movie on the device and then watching the content offline, switching to airplane mode. In these cases, the device will not generate any type of radiation.

3. Make sure that the child’s bedroom is far from refrigerators:

Refrigerators have compressors that emit an electromagnetic field around them. And, although they are of low power, they also become a radiant system. If the bedroom faces wall to wall with the neighbor’s kitchen, the radiation that may be emitted by the compressor of the refrigerator can also affect the night’s rest.

4. It is better to have a baby monitor with a Bluetooth connection:


Most are wireless and work with Wi-Fi, just like a mobile phone. In others, the connection is via Bluetooth. In these cases, the connections are weaker, so if the camera is located above the crib and the child is below, the waves will not reach it significantly.

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5. Parents, do not use the mobile with the child in your arms: 

While the baby is in the arms of an adult, it is preferable not to use it. The neuroscientist professor of Health Sciences explains that, unlike adults, the brain of children and adolescents in developing and does not fully form until they are twenty years old. In this situation, he advises being cautious and heeding these recommendations, some of which are also shared by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Experts explain that children are “more sensitive” to these electromagnetic fields than adults and give a physical explanation. “Our biological system is like a large regulation system that compensates our vital signs in the face of stressful situations, which is known as homeostasis”. He explains, adding that “young children are information and are more sensitive to external alterations. And so, we must make it easier for our regulation system and our immune system to develop in the best possible conditions.

6. At night, keep your phone in airplane mode or off and away from the bedside table:


This indication is especially recommended if small children sleep in the parents’ room. You should also avoid charging your mobile next to the bedside table.

Experts explain that as far as possible we must avoid the continuous impact of the waves. When we rest, and this includes turning off the terminals, the repeaters, and the Wi-Fi. “When we rest, our immune system works more intensely. And it is important not to disturb it so that it can perform its function correctly,” he explains.

7. Check what is on the other side of the wall from the bed: 

Check on the neighbor, another room, or the street side. Because there may be EMF-emitting electrical or electronic equipment passing through the wall.

It is very important to check that there is no refrigerator. Because its electric compressor generates a large magnetic field 24 hours a day. If the wall faces the street, check for cell phone antennas and other sources of radiation. Follow the tips to protect your child from EMF radiation.

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