5G Side Effects on Your Physical and Mental Health!

5g side effects

Are you aware of the existing 5G side effects on your emotional and physical well-being?

The 5G network, the successor of the 4G LTE network, is a technology that enables the Internet of Things to merge all internet-connected devices. Sure, it promises better internet connectivity and faster speed which are what we have all been hoping for. However, there are some 5G side effects worth looking into, especially when it comes to mental health.

In order to prove this, 41 doctors and 240 scientists from different nations, published their research and submitted it to the United Nations asking for a consideration of the 5G networks. Mainly, the study outlined the serious risks which the 5G network poses both to human health and the environment.

According to documents, the 5G network will need an increase in the levels of radiofrequency radiation. Countries such as India, Russia, China, and Italy have EMF protection measures and strict radiation limits which will prevent the deployment of such a network.

Other Findings of 5G Side Effects.

Previous studies were done on radiofrequency radiation, such as the cancer epidemiology update done in 2011 which is a comprehensive research on RF effects on humans and animals. The study concluded that scientific evidence can prove radiofrequency radiation to be carcinogenic to humans.

Another research done by the US NTP (National Toxicology Program) showed that heart damage, cancer, and DNA damage can be caused by cell phone radiation. That said, brain and heart cancers in NTP rats resemble a similar cell type in humans who have been using mobile devices for more than ten years. Because of this, researchers believe this animal evidence to confirm human evidence.

5G and the Mental Health.

5G is a wireless network that uses short waves. For the network to work, it needs an increase in cell towers. With that, constant exposure to electromagnetic field radiation from Wi-Fi and electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, and cellphones has adverse psychiatric effects on humans and animals.

In fact, an Iranian study including 103 electricians as the test subjects proved this. All electricians were divided into five categories depending on potential exposure to EMF radiation from low to high fields.

The research found that the category with the highest exposure to radiation was also the same group with the highest probability of suffering from depression, anxiousness, psychosis, hostility, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

A different study conducted in 1997 involved 540 adults who lived close to high-voltage transmission lines. Particularly, the study found that higher exposure to EMF correlated with physical distress symptoms, irrespective of the participant’s beliefs on the health effects of EMF exposure.

Another Cohort Study involved 139,000 test subjects who were workers in an electric industry. At the end of the study, workers in the line of higher EMF exposure showed depression symptoms. Moreover, younger workers who were in the higher exposure group were at a higher risk of attempting suicide.

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A Unanimous Conclusion.

The above studies demonstrate that one doesn’t need to be a phone addict or a frequent computer user to encounter the neurological effects that come with EMF exposure. Most of the subjects who suffered from these symptoms were those who spend a lot of time in environments with significantly high electromagnetic fields.

Nowadays, most urban environments are filled with EMFs. Even worse, the majority of us are in a high electromagnetic field area and unaware of it. Therefore, 5G will cause more electromagnetic field radiation, hence increasing the risks of suffering one or more 5G side effects. Such may include psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

5G Health Studies.

Among the 5G health studies conducted, one done by Dr. Martin Pall with regards to the 5G network is insane. For instance, Director of Autoimmunity Research Foundation, Prof. Trevor Marshall, said that 5G which uses wireless technology also uses millimeter waves. In return, these are of an extremely high frequency. Moreover, these millimeter waves will produce photons of higher energy than the one emitted by 4G or Wi-Fi. Allowing the use of this technology without rigorous testing to prove its safety is being reckless. Besides, millimeter waves are common for their profound effects on the human body.

There have been hundreds of scientific research on EMF radiation linking it to mental health problems as a result of DNA damage. The DNA damage is typical in fetuses who are between one and a hundred days after conception.

What do We Know about 5G?

Most people are unaware of mini cell towers sitting in their offices or homes. By definition, these mini-towers emit high electromagnetic frequency radiation. Even more, health experts are relentlessly urging WHO to act based on the significance of the expected dangerous effects of the 5G network.

Dr. Carpenter, a former Dean at the University of Albany, mentioned that the 5G network matter is urgent as they plan on placing 5G mini-towers 300 meters in each street all over the country. As a result, these mini-tower antennas will cause continuous exposure to everyone living or walking by the streets. Additionally, the increase in exposure will result in more cases of mental disorders, cancer, and electro-sensitivity. 

5G Side Effects: Conclusion.

Other mental effects of 5G include memory loss, sleep disorders, and changes in mood. In addition, other 5G studies proved that there are several other 5G side effects. Dr. Moskowitz admitted that the millimeter waves that 5G users can result in nervous system problems as well as eye and skin issues. He further believes that these waves could make some pathogens resistant to the medicine. With that, his fears are backed by Dr. Yael Stain, a lecturer in Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.

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IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.