The 5G Safety Devices Which Keep Radiation at Bay!

5g safety devices

The 5G network offers the promise of better service and acts like small cell sites in our own homes. Still, the question remains: do we need to think about 5G safety devices and practical ways to avoid it? Here, we shall look into the dangers of 5G network radiation, one of the known side effects of the product and how we can protect ourselves from its dangers. While you might be worried about trying it, rest assured, we offer tips to stay protected from any outward side effects.

Defining 5G Network

The first thing we have to figure out is what 5G is about. This simply means the generation of wireless technology that has been manufactured. Most cellphones operate under a 4G network which pertains to the fourth generation of wireless technology. With each generation comes better transmission speeds.

5Gs are considered the better network which offers more responsive services and allows for more devices to be connected all at once. Unlike most networks, however, 5Gs can do more than a 4G network due to its use of shorter waves. However, this can only be done when its towers are close together.

In other words, in order to set up a 5G, we have to build more towers closer to each other. With a 4G network, we only need one tower to cover an average neighborhood. The 5G network will need more, and they have to be close to each other for everyone to make use of them. As a result, more people willface EMF exposure.

We are seeing an age where the demand for higher internet speed is greater than ever. This can help various sectors, such as hospitals, do their work more efficiently. At the same time, this rapid march towards progress has its fair share of risks.

Health Hazards Associated with 5G

EMF or electromagnetic fields have a clear impact on our health. That said, exposure to Wi-Fi waves is mostly the same. For instance, most internet services can be better accessed when the user is much closer to the device emitting these waves. Therefore, there are many risks linking exposure to Wi-Fi. The 5G network is no different.

An experiment on rats showed that exposure to these waves can cause decreased learning and memory, as well as higher chances of experiencing anxiety. In some cases, extreme exposure can even cause hormonal changes linked to brain disease or cancer. Sure, this can also be a genetic thing, as rat babies showed motoric problems after suffering WiFi exposure. Out of the many, these are just some of the health risks to consider. As such, you will need to find a way to protect yourself from exposure.

EMF and 5G Safety Tips

EMF protection is a must more than ever. Phone manufacturers, such as Apple, often mention that phone distance is important. At the very least, keep yourself 10 millimeters away from the phone or half an inch to be safe, though going much farther can make all the difference. In addition, using your speaker phone and keeping the device farther from your ears and mouth can actually prevent a greater exposure to EMF. Moreover, find a place with a better signal, though, for your call to be easier to receive.

Another thing to consider is keeping your router far from the room you sleep in. Therefore, keep it far from the living room or other rooms you hang out at the most. Also, turn the router off when it is not in use.

Turning off the data or Wi-Fi on your phone also helps lower the radiation around you. Alternatively, you can just avoid getting the 5G network altogether. Today, most schools have wired connections instead of wireless due to the health risks associated with EMF. However, 5Gs might become the new standard, and this escalates the radiation problem somewhat.

5G Safety Jewelry

A number of EMF and 5G protection devices can protect you from radiation exposure. For example, there is EMF protection paint. For this, applying two layers of the paints over regular paint can prevent 5G waves from penetrating your home. Furthermore, there are different kinds of 5G safety devices, like pendants, who can acquire the same effects. What’s more, these accessories use Sympathetic Resonance Technology or SRT to reduce exposure to 5G waves. In addition, any kind of 5G protection device can have this technology to prevent the risk of radiation from worsening.

5G Safety Devices: Conclusion

Make the most of your time investing in 5G safety devices that can keep the 5G dangers away. Of course, preventing radiation exposure may be a tough challenge for your home to go through, but it is a necessity, too. For that, using one or more of the listed 5G safety devices comes as highly recommended by experts.

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