Senator Raises Awareness on 5G Health Risks:

5g risks

There’s no doubt that almost all today’s generation knows its way around a 5G network. However, unknown 5G risks are quite possible after spending hours of using this network. When using the 5G network, people must finally become aware of EMF protection and the threats 5G may be posing.

The Debate Regarding the Rise of the 5G Network

The 5G is a wireless communication network which will succeed and go beyond the LTE networks. Some of the 5G facts are that there are already four major phone manufacturers in the US that have plans on creating mobiles with 5G networks.

However, there’s been a debate regarding the mass production of these networks at the Rhode Island Statehouse.

Sen. Elaine Morgan worries regarding the potential 5G risks, including exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Since it is a new network, it is still unknown whether the existing EMF protection procedures may actually work against this type of radiation.

On a public meeting held on May 23, Morgan stated that the effects are everlasting, so the awareness against this 5G dangers must be heightened.

The senator is not going to sponsor any law enactment, but she’s going to support research reviewing the possible impacts of the network to public health.

Skeptics of this network also suggest taking a look into a link of 5G networks to fertility issues, cancer, and other diseases for individuals who are suffering from radiofrequency radiation.

Research for 5G Risks

Presenting health-related 5G facts, Morgan asked Dr. Annie Sasco, former unit chief of the WHO’s International Association for Research on Cancer, to talk about 5G risks.

She also shared her perception about the damage non-ionizing radiation poses on our health. Dr. Sasco also addressed the lack of research to help confirm the safety of 5G.

A study by the U.S. Department of Health’s National Toxicology Program found cancer growths in rats and mice exposed to 2G and 3G radiofrequency radiation.

However, the researchers of the study stated that the results cannot be applied to humans.

Both Dr. Sasco and others stated the results of the study clearly shows a link between using cell-phones and brain/heart cancers. The study involved 2G and 3G radiofrequency radiation which is less harmful.

Prior to the study, Dr. Sasco even suggested that the roll-out of 5G must be put on a one or two-year’s suspension until studies conclude the possible 5G risks.

Another issue is that, unlike 3G and 4G, the 5G demands a closely built network of transponders and antennas. Despite being unsightly, the 5G must be built at least 200 feet apart so the signal will reach the mobile devices.

Also, to deliver a faster internet, light and utility poles must be installed over the neighborhood. This means the public will suffer tremendous 5G risks, like exposure to stronger radiofrequency radiation than the present.

5G Network in the Eyes of the Public

Rhode Island has been pursuing 5G network persistently. In fact, the General Assembly passed a law-enactment stating 5G devices must be approving these systems.

Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, is seizing the 5G network and has already issued a request for information. It has also set regulations for placing equipment and antennas on the light poles of the city.

However, there are a lot of Rhode Island residents who attended the public meeting who expressed concerns about the effects of wireless radio waves that they are currently exposed to at homes.

They also spoke about the effects of WiFi networks in public places, businesses, and even schools.

Final Thoughts and How to Stay Safe When Using 5G

With the 5G risks lurking about, people must first raise their awareness and see what they could do about it.

Even Senator Morgan said that she thinks they need to stop and look at the issue at hand before they decide to install those intricate devices just outside their homes.

From what the current state stands in, Morgan spoke that all they could do is to take a step back and take a look at where this 5G network will lead them in the future. To ensure maximum protection, it is best to turn off all devices around your home when using the network.

Also, don’t bring tech devices into the bedroom. Not even your phone, sorry.

Finally, to reduce the impact of EMF exposure in 5G, use an EMF shield, like a black tourmaline necklace or protection pendant. As ideal as it seems, a 5G-operated world is definitely a threat to your health, wellbeing, and truth be told, inner peace. Therefore, it is relevant you give 5G protection the benefit of the doubt and consider using this technology in a rational, safe and practical manner.

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