5G Radiation Threats: Will Technology End Us?  

5g radiation

The 5G network has been one of the biggest news ever released this year. People have been expecting a lot of innovations with the arrival of 5G technology. At the same time, many mobile phone companies guarantee their customers blazing internet speed and better connectivity with 5G. However, as soon as that happens, 5G radiation threats are born.

Yes, it is true that a lot of technological innovation is going to happen when 5G is rolled out for public use and consumption. However, as much as it is to be used by the public, many have been concerned about the hazards that the new 5G network can bring and its effects on human health and the environment.

Scientists, environmental activists, and concerned citizens are asking a stricter, more defined regulation of the 5G network technology. However, several huge industries, including government offices, have favored the swift implementation of 5G.

Isn’t it “smart” to boost technologies, to then make a smarter city? Is it really “safe” for 5G to operate our smart home devices? How serious are the 5G radiation threats no one seems to be addressing?

Let’s find out.

5G Effects: Health, Environment and Overall Safety!

We all wanted what 5G brings for us. Fast internet, lower latency in communication, development of improved technology, and more, is now laid out for us. Fifth-Generation wireless connectivity that, they said, would usher this millennium towards a greater advancement of all knows today.

However, everything this world offers has a cost. Several notable scientists worldwide came to the United Nations, specifically the World Health Organization. Here, they presented the studies regarding the adverse effects of the 5G network to potential users.

They spoke on 5G’s EMF protection levels, side effects, 5G radiation threats, deforestation, wildlife death cases, etc.

The WHO had heard most of the petitions and thus studied the case. Nonetheless, agencies like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have already been lobbying legislation to accelerate the installation of 5G towers. Most governments and major technology companies have sponsored websites to provide information about the safety of 5G. They also note that the signals from 5G towers are less hazardous, thus obstructing scientific theories.

5G Radiation Threats are Real, Studies Say.

The study’s credibility is irrefutable to disregard. Noting that the 5G frequency is different from that of 3G and 4G networks – 5G easily decays in the air. To ensure continuity of 5G connectivity, hybrid towers find their location closer to our homes.

This is to maintain the stability of the signal and to reach miles. It is even way challenging because this would involve a lot of towers built closer to one another.

This setup could expose risks to EMF exposure to those who live near these 5G towers. To add, more towers means more mining for tower construction material. This also means, cutting more trees. The signals can scare animals from their habitat, exposing them to EMF radiation risks.

The frequency of the 5G signal is also up for debate.

At 30GHz to 300 GHz frequency, 5G poses radiation hazards that could lead to illnesses. Dr. Martin Pall of Washington State University noted that 5G frequencies cause disorders after extended exposure to it. These illnesses include thyroid issues, hearing loss, blindness, skin and brain cancer, and even infertility in men.

Is 5G really dangerous for us?

Insofar as 5G has been rolling out gradually in some countries, without anyone declaring its dangers. 5G health studies and inquiries do happen but to no avail. In fact, the first effects will be officially seen five years after the use of 5G.

However, there will be awareness alters on the proper use of their cellular lines. This will also include suitable protection guide from the dangers of the EMF-high 5G network.

Those who have studied the 5G radiation threats to our health are certain the use of 5G will negatively reflect on humans, animals, and the environment.

Get 5G-Resistant: Here’s How!

Even if you have a 5G, 4G, or 3G sources, you will need certain protection to limit the EMF effects. Among other things you can try is limiting your network activity during the day. Take breaks off work and if at home, turn off all gadgets before sleeping.

However, the best way to keep safe from 5G EMF exposure is to wear a suitable protective device. Such include Black Tourmaline bracelets, pendants and necklaces, all limiting your exposure to EMF threats. Here are the best EMF shielding devices to use.

Finally, if you live nearby cell towers, moving house or carrying a protective pendant with you may be your best bet against 5G radiation threats!

Sure, the technology sounds incredible and 5G initiators make it feel like a dream come true. However, knowing that 5G might expose your health to severe risks, it more than essential you keep your opinion objective. When it comes to protecting yourself from harms you can actually prevent, 5G seems like a good starting point. Stay safe, stay informed, stay engaged!

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