8 Celebrities Who Practice 5G Network Protection, and the Reasons Why

5g network protection

Is 5G network protection necessary? Technology has been progressively advancing since its birth. At first, it was present here and there, then it advanced to computers, followed by the invention of the internet. For many, the internet was everything it should be – helpful, useful, practical and safe. However, the advancements didn’t stop there. Following the invention of smartphones, we are now finally meeting the 5G network, providing the highest speed possible. Practicality and speed aside, many people, including celebrities are voting against using it, thus seeking the proper 5G network protection.

5G Network Protection: Where Does Safety Stand?

Initially, we are looking at comparisons like 5G vs WiFi speed and 5G WiFi vs 5G, but we remain uncertain whether this technology will be beneficial to humanity. Because of this, many opt for a 5G-free life. Among many categories of 5G rebels are also celebrities.

In fact, did you know that some celebrities practice safer technology without using the latest 5G network? Apparently warned of the dangers of this new invention, both celebrities and common folks found blessings in practicing 5G network protection. Who are they? Let’s learn below.

Celebrities Who Practice 5G Network Protection

Kourtney Kardashian

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has decided to live healthier by removing all the things in their household that contain radiation, including WiFi and 5G network. According to a source, she owns a house that is WiFi and radiation-free. Even plastic isn’t welcome in their house. In addition, she also went as far as preparing meals that are organic, dairy-free, and gluten-free for her kids.

Lady Gaga

Apparently, Lady Gaga has also gone gaga over radiation-free practices. Reports about how smartphones can increase the risk of getting cancer have really taken a toll on the singer. Today, she insists on having her mobile and other communication devices held by someone else. Even more, this goes as extreme as asking her staffers to press keys down her mobile phone and hold it up to her ear whenever she needs to speak to someone. That, or speakerphones.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Avengers star is actually known for being an advocate of radiation awareness. What is more, she has published numerous articles, all with regards to wireless radiation, as well as health, in her blog. There, you can find how she ignored the harm of technological devices. Consequently, she noted how WiFi can be damaging to people’s health, so much so that it can lead to illnesses like cancer.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is extremely cautious of radiation and EMF in her home. Moreover, she even shared how she designed her home to have EMF and 5G network protection, thus making it possible for her to turn off devices that give off harmful radiation in just one switch.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is a known musician, producer, music executive, and DJ. Given his musician’s background, one would think that he is one of the most exposed people to radiation. That is, however, not the case as he actually takes serious precautions when it comes to using his mobile devices. In fact, he even made an announcement for Environmental Health Trust after reading Disconnect by Dr. Davis.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, together with his wife, also practices living life with as little exposure to radiation as possible. On one occasion, he said that one of the things they usually turn off their devices before going to bed. To that, he even gave advice against having a television in the bedroom, saying that it is, after all, a bedroom, which means that it’s for resting.


It is not a secret that this record-breaking artist is also a clear advocate of healthy living by WiFi reduction. Moreover, she has never been a supporter of WiFi, saying that it’s going to kill us all and that we’d only come to realize it in after a couple of decades or so.

Pete Evans

Pete Evans is a celebrity chef who urges people to educate themselves about the effects of EMF on people’s health. He said that he and his family had taken precautions against the possible harm that it can bring by doing what everyone can do – turning off their WiFi at night. Additionally, he said that they also made their house EMF protected.

In addition, other celebrities who have taken precaution to reduce the risk of getting their health damaged by radiation are Raffi Cavoukin, Fran Drescher, Juhi Chawla, and even the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who confessed that he didn’t use smartphones.

5G Network Protection: How to Stay Safe?

Of course, it isn’t really bad to enjoy all the technological advancements the world has to offer. However, it is still important to keep in mind that anything too much is bad. Remember, moderation is always the key, technology included.

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