5G Network: Worth Your Health or Worth the Risk?

5g network

Together with technological advancements, cellular networks progress as well. Being the most popular to date, 4G towers and cell-phone networks offer fast internet speed anywhere. Anywhere. That is until the idea of a 5G network came along.

While many profiteers are happy with this development, there are skeptics who address the real danger in using 5G. While 5G seems like a great innovation, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware and take caution with the information about the potential risks this new technology may bring to us and the environment.

What is 5G?

The word 5G stands for Fifth Generation. A generation alludes to a set of requisites that decide what gadgets and systems qualify for the standard and will be compatible with each other. It also characterizes the technologies in which new types of communication are capable of.

Unlike 3G and 4G, this new type of generation has average speed of 50 MBps and above. This means that 5G has slightly higher speeds than that of 4G which only has average speed of 15 to 50 MBps. There have been reports that 5G could run as fast as 10 gigabits per second or even more.

Cell tower antennas will allow speedy wireless transmissions of huge bulks of data. The same goes for lamp posts, utility poles and other private and public structures. These structures are close to our neighborhood and streets, so it’s only fair to ask whether or not these are safe.

The 5G Network and Its Uses.

Aside from speedy downloads, a 5G network allows low latency which is required to operate challenging virtual reality apps on standalone headsets. Access to files, photos, and documents in cloud storage will be high-speed as well.

The application of 5G does not refer to smartphones, however. In fact, 5G might provide more efficient communications between various devices. Driverless cars will use 5G to communicate with each other. This will help send signals on accidents, and other road updates.

5G will make our homes smarter by connecting with the devices inside. For example, refrigerators that will post status updates on the owner’s smartphone while being away. Lastly, there are recent demos of several activities like telemedicine and VR streaming, all feeding off 5G.

Surely, these technologies would be very useful, but in terms of safety, refusing to use 5G may save your life.

Health Risks.

While the future is looking bright ahead for 5G, there are also opponents on the 5G network, citing particularly the 5G dangers that it possesses. There are evidence-based studies conducted worldwide that conclude the dangerous effects of exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation which comes from cell phones, cell towers, and other devices – 5G frequency is no exception.

There is research stating that RF radiation is detrimental at even small and brief exposures. RF radiation is carcinogenic which causes damage to the DNA, affects fertility, and impacts both the endocrine and neurological systems.

Pulse electromagnetic frequencies cause neurological symptoms, like headaches, muscle pains, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, attention deficits, and depression.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had several appeals to revise the classification of RF. Currently, RF is a Group 2B Carcinogen, and updating its classification to Class 1 Carcinogen will make RF and 5G similar to arsenic and asbestos.

Taking First Steps.

Meanwhile, 180 scientists have appealed to the European Union for a moratorium on the roll-out of fifth-generation (5G) networks. The plea fought 5G until all health and environment risks of the technology are laid out to the public.

Just in April 2019, the Belgian government has decided to block a pilot project of the technology in Brussels. Concerns were raised over the sub qualification of the new cellular standard with the city’s strict radiation laws. In the Netherlands, the country’s Parliament calls for an independent investigation of the health risks of 5G.

The XII Municipality of Rome has put a resolution asking the city’s mayor to halt the 5G trial. Lastly, in Germany, petitions have been cast to ask the Parliament to cease the 5G frequency auction.

Other Risks.

Apart from health risks, surveillance and interference issues were also up for debate. But, even despite a heavy backlash, the global leader of 5G, Huawei, denies such allegations.

On the other hand, the 5G technology could threaten weather forecast, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Weather satellites flying over parts of the United States with 5G coverage would be unable to detect concentrations of water vapor in the atmosphere perfectly.

How to Minimize 5G Network Radiation?

There are ways to minimize radiation in our homes. For example, controlling how and when to use our own mobile phone devices. Restricting the time on these devices can help in reducing the exposure to its radiation.

In addition, switch off your Wi-Fi router before sleeping and keep your phone away from your room, too.  Many studies connect cell phone radiation with disruptive sleep patterns. Another advice is to acquire a smart meter guard to keep you safe against outdoor radiation.

Finally, if you are keen on investing in your health, and you should be, get an EMF radiation blocker. These exist in the form of pendants, necklaces, braces and more, and limits your daily exposure to the 5G network.

At the same time, these shielding devices are perfect to use at work, at home and anywhere you need them the most. Black Tourmaline products, especially, make excellent fighters against EMF and radiation and keep your body clean of harmful frequencies.

Whether you enjoy the idea of 5G and its benefits, there are a number of side-effects and health risks you need to think about, as well. Because of that, do your research, understand the value of using 5G everywhere you go, but also understand the costs which stem from it as a result. Nothing will ever be as precious as your health, and making informed decisions on 5G is simply a must.

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