5G Health Risks: What’s at Stake?

5g internet protection

The fifth generation of wireless connectivity isn’t just about clearer and better communications. Blazing internet speed, more functionality to smart gadgets and devices, and more innovations have been promised by the integration of the 5G network technology to the world. But, one question still lingers, despite all the benefits of this creation – do we need 5G internet protection? Surprisingly to many, experts on 5G agree that the network may be more harmful than we think.

5G Internet Protection, Background, and Risks

Many scientists have recently vouched for the stricter regulation of the 5G use. They even signed a petition to the United Nations and the World Health Organization. In the petition, experts lay out the possible EMF health risks of the low-frequency, yet highly-electromagnetic 5G signal.

In addition, other experts urged that if using the network, we should definitely consider implementing proper 5G internet protection. Still, many governments and technology companies have pushed further to adopt 5G as soon as possible.

Is there really a danger that lurks behind the tantalizing technological innovations that 5G can offer to the world? If so, how much research has been made to prove the hazards of EMF radiation brought by the 5G signals? Are we going to notice all these hazards? Or can we just turn a blind eye on this human health issue?

Research on the Potential Risk of Using 5G

Ever since the introduction of wireless communication, many health scholars have been observing the effects of EMF in both animals and humans. They looked into whether 5G can alter the DNA and RNA structures, create new types of cancer, and interrupt a person’s normal development.

William Kelley Eidem, author of “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer”, says 5G internet protection is a must. He explained there are potential risks from using 5G, able to alter the human structure. This means humans using 5G are likely to experience a level of discomfort, ailments, and even severe cases of cancer. Some of the side-effects Eidem has pointed out include:

  • Vomiting
  • Skin irritation
  • Fainting
  • Ear imbalances (including, but not limited to, incessant ear ringing, difficulty in hearing, and hearing loss)
  • Cramps
  • Strokes
  • Diarrhea

Still, many tech companies largely protested the named petition, saying these claims were not factual.

Many concerned citizens urge that if they use 5G at all, they need to also implement a suitable 5G internet protection. However, government legislators remained blunt in opening up on the true risks of 5G.

How does 5G Benefit Our Lifestyle?

The movement of 5G nationalization has been the talk of the town in the past few months. Many have been excited over the improvement of digitization of several industries. In terms of health care, 5G is undeniably helpful as well. As such, this means a faster transfer of information during surgeries, patient diagnosis, etc.

An Axios 5G event even explained how the network brings innovations toward healthcare services and improves them. However, even so, the need to establish a proper 5G internet protection is a valuable point to consider.

How to protect yourself from EMF and 5G exposure?

To introduce a proper 5G internet protection, it is best to start small. For starters, turn off all your devices and gadgets at home when not using them. Keep these away from the bedroom and try to stay off your phone and laptop while sleeping.

Finally, to beat EMF radiation more efficiently, use a 5G shield, such as a black tourmaline pendant, protection bracelet and more. While not a through-and-through cure, EMF and 5G protection devices definitely limit your radiation exposure and are practical to wear at both home and at work.


Innovation is good, but it pays to know the cost of having such progress in our society. There is no harm in regulating a certain technology as long as it is for the benefit of everyone. With the case of potential 5G hazards, it is not good to turn a blind eye to it.

We could have been blinded by the massive benefits it brings, but to know the cost of having these improvements is all about preventing a horrendous catastrophe from happening. Prevention is always better than looking for a cure, and the same goes for 5G implementation, too. Give yourself the time to think 5G through and educate yourselves on the unseen, yet very real dangers of using it.

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