Why are Health Experts Worried about Using 5G?

5g health side effects

The 5G network technology will likely introduce the newest telecommunications, internet, and connectivity. However, many health organizations are now trying to derail from 5G’s benefits, emphasizing the possible 5G health side effects.

With the growth of the network, limited studies in the field revealed the 5G health side effects in terms of radiation. In fact, the health sector has its budget for research on the health effects of 5G network dwindling down. Many lost support over the past few years in trying to prove that 5G poses a threat to our health.

Is there really a reason to debate the 5G health side effects? What is that one risk factor that the public health experts worry upon deploying this technology for public use and consumption?

The Public Health Experts’ Debate on EMF and Its Dangers.

While health sectors debate on using 5G, EMF protection ratings come into the main focus. Now, health experts and scientists are debating whether 5G radiation is dangerous to humans or not.

Scientists who were keen on proving the dangers of EMF radiation and its carcinogenic properties have been citing literature made by those who have previously studied 5G technology dangers as well as that of 3G and 4G technology.

Most of them have been convinced about how radiation coming in from close range 5G towers and its dissociation from 4G and 3G technology could cause glioma, a malignant case of brain cancer that could be caused by frequent use of cellular phones.

Moreover, the ranges of towers in order to function properly and support its target market have been deemed unacceptable by these scientists. The nearest range of a 5G tower should be 1.5 km far from the target market. If it is for urban areas, towers should be at least 750 meters high, starting from the highest point in the metropolitan areas, and 1.5 km from suburban areas.

With the 5G network, these distances are likely impossible because 5G signals deplete faster than 3G and 4G. The distance of the 5G signal towers has been debated internally by health scientists as to its level of hazards that could jeopardize the physical and mental well-being of a person.

Studies on the 5G Health Side Effects.

These studies concerning the carcinogenic effects of 5G technology have been presented by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization.  Their classification of the radio EMF in 5G networks can be quite cancerous and increase the risks for glioma.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also presented their own sentiments about the IARC’s claim. They said there has been no scientific evidence that could answer the question about the possible 5G health side effects.

Should the Public Also Worry about the Hazards of 5G Technology?

In a way, CDC has presented tips to cellular users on how to best use their phones, thus lowering the risks of exposure.

Even though many companies developed 5G EMF shielding machines to block radiation, no one really knows what will happen when 5G actually enters into force.

EMF protection has been studied among technology companies. However, it is a good thing that these technology companies didn’t forget their social responsibilities. To learn more, it is best to follow with the news on the development and deployment of 5G in many countries around the world.

What Can You Do about 5G?

While you cannot change the introduction of 5G, you can certainly try to shield yourself from its harmful health impact.

One of the best ways to limit 5G exposure and EMF radiation is by using a shielding device. EMF protection devices suppress the penetration of harmful rays in the bodies, especially those stemming from 5G networks. Such devices can be black tourmaline pendants, necklaces, and bracelets, which can take effect everywhere you go. In addition, you can also try to:

  • Keep electronic devices away from your sleeping area.
  • Turn off all network sources when not using them.
  • Spend time in nature, where the levels of EMF are drastically lower.
  • Keep a safe distance between yourself and your phone, using a speakerphone when talking.
  • Using a cord-connected network instead of a Wi-Fi connection.


What exactly makes public health experts worry about 5G? Most of them worried about public safety ratings of 5G, with EMF radiation hanging in the air. However, the rest of the research regarding 5G has passed it on EMF levels.

Those countries who have deployed 5G have made sure the technology is safe for public use before its release. The issues concerning tower ranges have been studied by telecommunication providers, but the threat still lingers in the air. Never take your or your family’s wellbeing for granted, only to keep in touch with the latest technology innovations, like 5G. There is a red flag waving high above our heads and it is urging us to take a deeper look into the 5G risks before using it.

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