5G Health Threats: How Worried Should You Be?  

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On February, during the Mobile World Congress, industry leaders introduced 5G as the incoming mobile revolution. Experts say the network will come to life as early as 2020. And while its benefits are loud and clear, so are the potential 5G health threats.

Yes, higher network speed will benefit many companies worldwide. However, for that same reason, we need to become wary of the dangers 5G poses to our health.

How will the 5G Network Work?

The 5G network will expectedly rely on higher generation cell services, rather than its other systems. While 5G is still a pending introduction, there is an outbreak of concerns regarding its health risks.

Jurgen Maier, CEO of Siemens, says one of the most significant 5G health threats is radiofrequency radiation. The head of communications and policy in the UK, Gareth Elliott, agrees with Jurgen, saying the EMF levels that come from using 5G is not a concern we should ignore.

And with so many concerns already, one must wonder- is 5G really a necessity or rather a tool of mass destruction?

Disadvantages of 5G Wireless Networks.

Initially, the 5G network will need more cell towers, placed on the streets, close to schools, hospitals, and homes. With the launching of the network, there will also be an increase in radio wave exposure. Currently, the effects of the rise in exposure remain unknown. But, you’ve seen Chernobyl, so there’s that.

One of the leading 5G health threats links this EMF exposure to conditions like cancer and DNA damage.

5G Health Caution: When to Worry?

There has been so much concern about the 5G dangers. However, there are no proven health risks linked to the network. Despite the lack of scientific proof, the industry needs to handle these 5G concerns transparently.

The World Health Organization is a scientific, empirical, and technological body, monitoring the safety of radio frequencies for decades. In 1996, the WHO decided to focus its research on electromagnetic fields. However, no scientific 5G health risk has been identified in the process. Sadly, this does not mean they do not exist.

What we know so far is that cell phone radiation does not cause cancer through the emission of radiofrequency radiation. Nonetheless, there is actual proof that electrical radiation can affect the reproductive system in males, along with many other key issues.

Why are People Concerned about 5G?

Among the significant reasons for worry is also the network’s widespread use of shorter wavelength. With this, the system cannot reach objects efficiently, thus relocating mini cell towers closer to our homes.

Having these mini-towers in our proximity means a greater radiofrequency radiation concern. Hundreds of studies in the field show that EMF is a trigger of many medical conditions, such as cancer and DNA damage.

Other studies further consider radiofrequency radiation to be carcinogenic as well. A scary thought to think, right?

What do Scientific 5G Studies Show?

Researchers from Germany studied 1,000 people, living or working nearby cell towers. The study lasted for ten days, and the results indicated that throughout the years, residents within 400m reach cell towers suffered thrice the risks of getting cancer.

A 1994 study from London also inspected the effects of EMF and RF radiation. The results of the study showed many health issues in individuals who had cell masts on the roof of their home. Those on the top floor, close to the cell mast, had a ten-time higher cancer rate than the remaining residents.

Dr. David Carpenter says studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation raise concerns on living close to a radiating tower. He argues these cell towers shouldn’t be near homes, schools, or hospitals, either.

Why are Companies advertising 5G?

5G is 100 times faster compared to 4G. With the new 5G network, you can download movies within seconds. Its bandwidth supports more than 100 billion devices, and all will have a ludicrous speed of 60GB per minute. Therefore, it is being sold due to better cellular connection and faster downloads speeds.

Still, even with all those benefits, they wouldn’t cost a thing if obtaining them means being at risk of health and safety dangers.

Let’s Get You Safe!

The assurance of 5G safety is based solely upon the assumption that low radiation amounts are safe. However, there is no biomedical research supporting this. The primary concern lies in the millimeter waves that the network will likely to tap into.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lerchi states that as a scientist, one cannot prove the absence of risk. Therefore, precautionary measures such as EMF protection should await until further testing happens.

However, let’s make matters easier for you, and share a few hints on how to stay protected against 5G.

  • To maximize your EMF shield, whether for 3G, 4G, or 5G waves, it is best you find a suitable protection product. Black tourmaline, for instance, is among the most effective warrior against EMF, and here’s where you can get it. You can wear your product as a pendant, necklace, and bracelet or keep it at home. At least you’ll use your PC in peace, right?
  • Limit exposure to EMF sources, such as those from electronic devices and 5G networks. Turn off all gadgets and connections before going to bed, too.
  • Spend as much time in nature as you can. This way, you are far from EMF reach, 5G health dangers included.

It’s never too late to start caring for your health, and in doing so, there’s no shame in taking it one step at a time! Even if you enjoy the perks of 5G, which are intriguing nonetheless, there is still that reasonable doubt to consider. Think about it, if 5G put health was on the line and there was a way to protect yourself from it, wouldn’t you do it? Exactly.

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