The Birth of 5G: Benefits, Risks, Protection Tips

The introduction of 5G network technology in many countries around the world is generally a good thing. The 5G network has promised many innovations humans never imagined possible. However, many countries have also conducted their own research as to how this network technology can possibly affect the health of every person. With that come the many existing 5G health concerns and warnings of possible radiation exposure.

The health sectors of each country have been conducting research about the effects of radiation, especially EMF, and their link to 5G.

Major 5G Health Concerns

One of the major 5g health concerns is its radiation frequency the damage it causes.

Namely, 5G signal frequencies are most present when talking on the phone, especially if using handset’s speaker grilles.

Other than calling, just placing your smartphone near you is also thought of as dangerous. This practice only emphasized the health warnings about the effects of mobile phone radiation on the brain. With the intensification of 5G, using your phone could pose more risk of suffering significant brain damage.

5G, the IoT, and the Human Health

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the target technology to help innovate the 5G network. The technology that brings life to your wearables (your smartwatches, wristbands, etc.) and smart home devices (home hubs like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple’s HomeKit, etc.) will surely get even better, smarter, and more efficient with the 5G network.

Now, the innovation researchers fear the most with 5G is the automation of automobiles. While most car companies had developed smart cars, no one had still developed a self-driving car, until now.

When Google presented their self-driving car in 2009, everyone thought of it as a gimmick to attract potential investors to the company. Now, with the 5G technology waiting to happen, self-driving cars have become the transportation of the future.

What about the Side-Effects?

This is all the good stuff, yes. However, researchers have addressed serious 5G health concerns in making these technologies a reality. If one is to commercialize self-driving cars, this would mean closer 5G towers to support the faster network switching a smart car needs in order to operate well.

This is the danger the researchers have focused on – more towers mean more frequencies. It’s true, scientists proved 5G signals are less frequent and have less radiation than its predecessors. However, the concentration of the signals brought by closer towers, especially in urban areas, would raise the 5G health concerns experts anticipated.

The development of 5G meant more closeby towers and more density in radiation.

How to Protect Yourself When Using 5G?

The use of 5G protection devices such as 5G protection pendants, wristbands, undergarments, and others comes highly recommended. With this, you can also turn off all your devices when not using them, including your phone.

Another thing to do is avoid bringing gadgets near your sleeping area. And finally, take your EMF protection pendant everywhere you go, thus reducing and limiting the exposure to 5G and its radiation.

The link between the 5G technology and the health sector is all about reducing the radiation levels humans are exposed to.

Studies on 5G and its effects made the 5G developers more adherent to making the technology more ergonomic and safer.


Bringing in the 5G technology to the market is basically favorable. However, at the same time, we also need to estimate the possible health issues it delivers. And while using 5G seems cool and up-to-date, nothing beats the importance of putting your health first. The idea of using the latest technology, such as 5G, may seem appealing to us all. However, for the long haul, knowing the dangers of 5G is not just essential to your health, but a priority too. Don’t leave your health to chance, no matter how sugarcoated 5G is.

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