5G Expert Warnings: More Than a Tech Innovation!

5g expert warnings

Nowadays, 5G expert warnings are urging you to stay as far from the network as possible…and the reasons for it are harrowing.

Recently, Samsung along with Verizon jointly announced that the new 5G network is expected to be accessible across the United States by mid-year next year. However, in the process, we cannot help but ignore the major 5G expert warnings which are hitting us in the face.

The introduction of the 5G network has certainly taken the entire world by surprise. However, professors, health experts, and other human watchdog groups are concerned about the untested aspects of the network.

5G Expert Warnings.

As the successor to the 4G network, the 5G network needs more cell towers and higher-energy photons. CEO and founder of the digital media company BestTechie, Jeff Weisbein, said that the use of 5G technology is expected to cause positive changes for both enterprises and consumers. Hopefully, it will provide consumers with an incredible broadband speed of up to 20 Gb/s. Moreover, he also added that the network will also make it possible for companies to enjoy better technology, advanced medical care, and better retail experiences.

What is a 5G network?

By definition, 5G refers to the fifth generation wireless network system which uses an extra spectrum in the current LTE (Long Term Evolution) frequency range. As a result, it promises higher peak connection speeds and lower latency.

Due to improved radio technology, more allocations of radio spectrums, and increased base stations than the current ones, the 5G network is expected to deliver the highest connection speeds ever.

How will the network help individuals?

Have you ever encountered text delays because too many people are using the network? Hopefully, the new network can fix that. In fact, the 5G network aims to allow more people to access higher network speeds simultaneously. For example, Angus Kidman, of the consumer website Finder, stated that the introduction of the 5G network means getting faster data speeds that more people can use at once.

Can you access the network?

As of now, it’s not yet possible. What’s more, there is yet to be a 5G compatible smartphone. With the start of the 5G network testing, the prototype weighed 200kgs and was as big as a bar fridge. However, with rigorous testing, the company has reduced the size to that of a personal computer. Therefore, no pocket-size device supports the 5G network as of this moment. 

5G Expert Warnings- Are We Taking Things Too Far?

The 5G network should be revolutionary, which is why there is so much hype surrounding it. Nowadays, we use Wi-Fi, which is limited, and the fifth generation network is expected to outdo it.

Mike Wright from Telstra mentioned that by using several hotspots that have hundreds of smartphone users supplied through one 5G device, we will be able to get closer to proving 5G in the real world.

Experts say 5G is similar to giving free Wi-Fi as Telstra conducts tests to see how their prototype system will work when more people access the network in a small environment.

What a health expert has to say about the network

The 5G network promises more reliable coverage and faster speeds. To deliver these promises, the providers will have to install several hundred thousand mini cell stations close to people`s houses.

With these mini cell stations so close to people’s houses, exposure to radiation can be expected. Similar to other technological advancements, the 5G expert warnings are hitting the roof. Still, experts say there is no need to panic, but rather, people should take precautionary measures such as EMF protection against the 5G frequency.

And Scientists?

Oddly enough, scientists may be ignorant of the fact that exposure to 5G frequency, Wi-Fi, and EMF have adverse health effects. After all, 5G is a network that works similar to Wi-Fi, hence the closer you get to a router, the stronger the signal gets since it also uses short waves.

Previous studies on Wi-Fi proved that rats put close to Wi-Fi showed brain changes, thus experiencing poor memory, decrease in learning, an increase in anxiety. In addition, it also caused hormonal changes which possibly link to cancer or brain diseases. In the worst, short waves may result in DNA damage.

Why 5G Expert Warnings Matter.

The first concern is that 5G’s frequency is similar to that of weaponized crowd control. Today’s networks rely on microwaves which use frequencies of 6 GHz or less. Naturally, the new 5G network will need higher frequency, ranging between 6 and 100 GHz using both millimeter and sub-millimeter waves.

The millimeter waves are used by the U.S army to control crowds. For example, when the beam touches you, it will make your entire body feel as though you are on fire. Besides, the 5G wavelengths are yet to be tested for their effects on health.

EMF Exposure Threats.

Additionally, science can prove that exposure to EMF has worse effects that may result in death. Oftentimes, EMF exposure leads to lymphoma, tumors, difficulty in learning, poor concentration, brain tissue damage, and an increased risk of a miscarriage.

Currently, there are available EMF protection measures to use, most of which cellphone manufacturers recommend. For instance, Apple urges its customers to keep a 10mm distance between the phone and their body. Some of the other EMF protection tips include keeping the 5G router far from you as possible and turning it off when not in use.

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