5G EMF Protection: Do You Need It?

5g EMF protection

As it turns out, 5G EMF protection might save your life one day.

You might have heard of the terms 4Gs or 5Gs whenever phone networks are involved. The G next to these numbers stand for ‘Generation’. In other words, 5G is short for Fifth Generation. Among fanatics, this is a common term for advanced wireless systems or networks found in today’s smart devices.

You may have noticed when it comes to technology, a higher number next to a system’s name means it is a newer version. Compared to 4G, 5G is bigger and faster in terms of connectivity and speed, not to mention it promises up to 100 times faster speed than the current 4G network.

That’s exactly what consumers want: a faster and more convenient service – something powerful by allowing devices to connect into a reliable network. However, in order for the 5G network to reach great speeds, it has to operate using more sources.

5G vs. 4G

The previous 4G networks utilize huge cell towers which are spaced miles apart from each other. The 5G network, however, has to use thousands of mini cell receptors the size of a shoe box, placed near each other in order for the network to attain its speed. So, how close are these small cells placed apart? Estimately? Just a few houses away.

However, what’s exactly the reason why they’re placed so close together? The answer is because the new 5G network needs a higher frequency in order to function. A higher frequency means that the waves are shorter and are not capable of traveling long distances. Due to this, thousands of cell receptors are required in order for the 5G network to work.

5G EMF Protection: A Sudden Necessity.  

If you’re wondering why this is a problem, it’s because these small cells can emit bigger radiation waves, and with the huge volume being installed, electromagnetic radiation can become an imminent danger. Moreover, if there are numerous small cells around us, that means that the volume of EMF will also increase. Also, there have been no studies with regards to the health effects 5G networks can have. 

5G EMF Protection: What are the Risks?

Despite warnings from experts and health professionals, the market for 5G is still increasing. In the US alone, large-scale network providers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and many more are rapidly marketing the 5G network.

With such a strong marketing drive from telecommunication companies, health is not a top priority anymore. As you can see, in order for a faster and more convenient network service to work, a high price is needed – our health.

It is important to note that the World Health Organization has listed electromagnetic radiation as a carcinogen. Yet, despite this classification, telecommunications companies are still eager to roll out the lastest network. Also, scientists and doctorates all over the globe have been petitioning against the 5G network marketing. They even stated that EMF from radio frequency is already an established health hazard to humans. 

Now, the question arises. Do we actually need 5G EMF protection? The answer would be YES.

5G EMF Protection: A How-To Guide.

The 5G network won’t be everywhere until the year 2020. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not yet here. Currently, newer devices are already using the 5G system as of now. In order to protect yourself from the risks of radiation, complete 5G EMF shielding is required, and you will need a few products for that.

There are some available EMF shield products online. For within a more personal range, you can simply place these shields close to the power source. However, there are also shields with wider coverage, though they’re more expensive. All these options can reduce EMF radiation within your home. However, if you don’t want to spend money on these shields, you can still minimize exposure in a few ways.

The following are some tips you want to follow to limit your exposure to EMF radiation:

  • Always keep your distance – even though 5G EMF is more powerful, the waves are shorter in length. For instance, you can easily place your electronic device a few feet away from you if you don’t need to use it. Or, you can avoid sleeping next to your phone.
  • Avoid using your device while it’s charging – EMF radiation doubles when a device is plugged to its charger. If you don’t need to use your device, just let it charge all the way through before using it. Think about your health.
  • Turn your Wifi off during bedtime – if you don’t need any notifications popping out while you’re asleep, you can turn off the WiFi on your phone. In return, this will lessen the EMF radiation emitted from your device.


With the number of electronic devices surrounding us, a total shielding may prove to be difficult. However, even simple and easy steps that we forget to do can help minimize our exposure to harmful EMF radiation. Whenever you’re using your device, remember these steps because our health is of utmost priority.

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