Using 5G: A Tech Step Forward or a Setback?

5g disadvantages

Many are expecting this new breakthrough in the communication world – the 5G network. It’s expected to be way incredibly faster than today’s existing networks. While most are excited about this, some are worried about this new development. Without further ado, let’s talk about the major 5G disadvantages that have people worrying.

5G Disadvantages: How Dangerous is the New Network?   

Still in the Process.

There have been a lot of talks on how the 5G network will fair in the 5G vs. Wi-Fi speed battle. They say that 5G will be a thousand times faster than 4G which can also mean that it will be faster than the present-day Wi-Fi.

However, all these are uncertain as the 5G plan is still developing. Even positive results are not guaranteed when it comes out. And if it does, it will still take time for it to function flawlessly.

May Cause Radio Frequency Problem.

Many things communicate through radio frequencies. Now, we can add 5G network to that list along with radios, cell towers, and satellites. According to early reports, the 5G network will transmit its data in the range of 6 GHz – the same radio frequency range used by many others.

With so many people going to use it, this means that all their data signals will go through the same frequency. This may cause congestion in the radio frequency, and issues in sending and receiving signals may arise.

Equal Access to Speed.

One of the main features of the 5G network is its lightning-fast speed. It’s definitely a reason for the world to celebrate, but can all the world actually enjoy it?

Despite the great vision of having a very fast connection, the reality is that not all countries can have access to it. Levels of technological advancements differ in every country, and while some countries could adopt 5G, others just don’t have the right equipment to support this.

May Require Phone Replacement.

Another of the main 5G disadvantages are phones. Although advanced, most phones on the market do not support 5G. The software isn’t just advanced enough to meet the requirements of a 5G network, thereby leading to phone replacement.

If 5G becomes the future that also means that most phones people have now will be of no use anymore. With that, even those who don’t even care about technology as much will also have to charge their phones.

It’s Expensive.

Putting up the infrastructure needed to make this new advancement possible would be costly. Everything would have to be of high quality, innovative, and advanced. It may be possible to upgrade what other networks, like 4G, already have.

However, there is still a big chance that new infrastructure and equipment for it will be needed. Moreover, when 5G network is already established, its maintenance would definitely be costly as well.

More Expensive Bills.

One of the most asked questions on the 5G disadvantages is ‘Will it cost more?’

The answer is, it’s very much possible. It’s basically a domino effect. Developing infrastructure to make way for the new 5G network would be expensive. That along with the promised increased speed of the new network would prompt service providers to ask more from you in your monthly data service bill.

Security and Privacy Problems.

Since it’s supposed to be faster, it should be expected that data transmission will be faster as well. With new technologies, there are usually safety risks that come as everything is still new and practically untested. This only means that these will also require higher levels of security.

Lack of Coverage.

According to reports, 5G’s distance coverage is up to 2 meters if indoors and 300 meters outdoors. The type of signal 5G transmits limits the service of the newest network to devices within close proximity.

May Cause Illnesses.

This is one of the most urging concerns of some people and which is why some even try to stop the development of 5G. The increased radiation that comes with the development of the new network could cause different illnesses from mild ones like nausea to more severe ones like cancer. Moreover, things like EMF protection may not be enough to stop it.

Need for More Technology Professionals.

Yes, this may mean more jobs for some. However, not everyone is technologically-inclined. Building up and maintaining 5G networks would require a great number of professionals.

The thing is, does the world have enough skilled professionals in this industry to keep the 5G network up and running? It’s especially questionable when the battle isn’t 5G vs 4G anymore but along the lines of 5G Wi-Fi vs 5G cellular.

Not for Everyone.

One of the biggest 5G disadvantages is availability. In fact, this development could be more than expensive and yet necessary to use at the same time. Add to that the need to have 5G compatible phones,  this new advancement won’t be for everyone. Some people are still using phones that operate in 4G while there are still those who use 3G networks. The gap between them and the newest advancement will only get bigger.

Protective Measures. 

Right now, professionals are working in preparation for the launch of the supposed fastest network the world will have had yet. When it comes to 5G, there might not be any stopping it, but you can definitely limit yourself from using it as much.

In terms of health threats, 5G might radiate significant EMF, which can then affect our entire wellbeing. To prevent this, you can limit the time you spend on your phone or internet devices.

In addition, you can choose to wear a 5G protection device, which can be the perfect shield at home, at work and elsewhere. Some of the best protection products include black tourmaline pendants, EMF-safe necklaces, and bracelets.

To find out how these work and why they work in the first place, read more about it here.

In a world, as affected by the internet craze as ours, 5G may be more of a peril than a blessing. However, it is up to you to take the steps necessary to protect yourself from this influence and keep a healthy lifestyle, even when forced to use 5G.

Technology may become more and more advanced, but when it does so at the possible cost of your health, one cannot help but wonder, is it all worth it? Don’t let yourself be convinced in the benefits of 5G without ever knowing the consequences or trying to protect yourself from them.

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