How 5G Is Threatening the Life of Your Kids?

5g dangers kids

While I am sure you are familiar with 5G as innovation, are you aware of the 5G dangers at hand?

The increasing trend of smartphones and internet use may help improve various sectors and their work pace. However, these come at the price of our children’s health. Soon, this is worsened by surveys revealing a major increase in the number of children using mobile phones. Now, with the coming of the 5G network, there are real and existing 5G dangers to think over.

At the age of 10, around seven of ten children own a smartphone which is mostly used for gaming. Moreover, video game addiction is both ignored and worried upon by many parents. Sure, this is due to how easily we receive our interconnected online experiences and the progress we get from them. Nowadays, the world is practically wired to the internet. In return, this leads to many people not seeing the health risks of internet use.

With the frenzy of the 5G or the fifth generation of wireless networks comes a greater risk of radiation exposure due to EMF or electromagnetic fields. Therefore, let us consider what the 5G dangers are, and the risks they pose on our children.

The Idea of 5G and How it Affects Our Children.

Since the network might become a standard, many scientists, such as physicist Dr. Ronald Powell, consider the widened and daily exposure to the waves a form of “mandatory irradiation” that lacks the foresight of understanding the implications they have to the health of people. Naturally, this can get worse because the 5G network has slowly grown more appealing to the public.

As of 2018, the experiment to make the 5G network the standard mobile and internet network took place. For instance, telecom carriers in the West, especially in the urban areas of the United States, have begun setting up towers and offering services in a number of neighborhoods. Due to its spread, a United Nations whistleblower brought attention regarding the 5G network health concerns.

Currently, children are showing signs of radiation sickness due to reports of flu-like symptoms and even cardiac pains. Additionally, there were also reports of tight pressure on the top of the head and body aches. Given the facts, these reports were no surprise because there have already been studies that indicate that even 2G technology can cause radiation poisoning, particularly mental difficulties such as slowed reaction time and sleep deprivation. However, this did not get the deserving attention back then.

5G Dangers.

Unlike previous generations of wireless technology, 5G networks rely on high-frequency millimeter waves (MMWs). While 5Gs are hyped up to be able to connect to more devices than ever, the caveat is that they have a shorter wavelength than 4G networks. Essentially, millions of cell towers of much smaller sizes will be needed for towns and neighborhoods to receive the benefits of the new network.

As a result, this can trap people in a wall full of these waves, as they would pass through walls with ease. More people, especially in crowded areas, will be more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the MMWs and the 5G effects on body.

Regardless of how many times companies mention it, the U.S. military is quite familiar with the 5G dangers at stake. Today, the country has developed a non-lethal means to contain crowds via the Active Denial Systems. They use millimeter waves that produce a heating sensation on an individual’s skin. So, a sudden spike in heat, especially within a crowd, can drive individuals to leave. Hence, there is a need for better EMF protection.

Moratorium Needed ASAP

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States did not look into the problem areas of the 5G as it provided an avenue for greater technological innovation without “needlessly prescriptive regulations.” Furthermore, its guidelines in identifying health risks don’t match modern standards.

Taking the UN whistleblower’s words into consideration, it has been made clear that children were even more susceptible to the emission because of how more and more children have easier access to mobile devices. As such, they possess a higher risk of developing brain cancer later in life, even as they proceed with their young adulthood. Worst case scenario, we are talking brain cancer.

One action taken to stop this menace is the signing of the International Appeal that calls for the end to the problem of EMF exposure. Many people have now grown alert of the EMF and 5G dangers. Therefore, legislative action must be taken in countries whose children are more exposed to the screen than to the outside. Furthermore, this can be done by limiting cell site construction, but political will can take other strides.

5G Dangers: Conclusion.

As individuals, we ought to take the first step in preventing our children from experiencing the negative consequences of EMF exposure. We need to limit their early access to mobile devices and instill in them a love for the outside world. Encourage social interaction and a strong desire to learn beyond the walls of a classroom or domicile. There is so much of the world to explore. Turning off the Wi-Fi for your children can help them see and appreciate it.

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IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.