Things You Didn’t Know About 5G Network that Affect Your Health

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You may approve of it or you may not, but in any case, it always worth asking yourselves, is there a 5G danger and warning we should be wary of?

The 5G network is the newest iteration in cellular technology. Beyond the previous 4G network, it is deemed faster, more responsive, and can support connection through A.I. and I.o.T. among other advantages. However, the standards for the implementation of the 5G network is still underway, with some countries already testing it out.

The 5G network may enable you to enjoy faster internet speeds or create a network of devices in your home. However, do you know what 5G network usage can do to your health? Your local network provider or the health sectors of the government may have assured you that radiations from 5G network frequencies are safe. However, scientists and doctors have conducted research saying otherwise, stressing the 5G dangers which might be present.

That said, here are some of the things you probably didn’t know 5G network will do to your health.

5G Danger #1: Cancer.

The 5G network will enable faster internet speeds and establish a connection for IoT. In order to do this, however, telecommunications companies will have to add countless new antennas which will increase the chances of RF (radio frequency) exposure to humans.

According to a study in 2011, RF signals emitted by phones and network towers are considered carcinogens to humans, which only means it will expose you to higher risks of acquiring cancer. This is frequently dismissed due to the lack of comprehensive research that can attest to the danger of RF exposure. However, following the 2011 IARC evaluation of RF electromagnetic fields, scientific proofs are now provided to conclude that exposure to these frequencies can indeed cause cancer.

The research included results gained from lab rats showing cancer and damages in their heart, brain, and even DNA. Also, the tumor cells found in these rats are similar to those found in cancer cells of humans who had been exposed tocellular phones for more than 10 years.

5G Danger #2: Skin problems.

Since the skin is the outermost organ of the body that receives almost all exposures first before penetrating to the internal organs, the threat of harmful 5G network frequencies is first to affect the skin. In various research done all over the world by physicists, it was shown that exposure to 5G frequencies can cause skin problems. Even more, the 5G network frequencies are absorbed by the sweat ducts in the skin and pose a real threat, especially if the exposure went on for years.

5G Risk #3: Bacteria growth.

Using the same data acquired by the IARC in 2011, new research focuses on the effects of 5G frequencies in enhancing the growth of bacteria in humans. For that, lab rats injected with bacteria are exposed to harmful 5G frequencies. As a result, there was a large increase in bacteria population which clearly concludes that 5G network can enhance existing tumor growth. Additionally, it can also worsen a sickness already acquired or bring out a recessive disease acquired at birth.

5G Danger #4: Reproductive problems.

Studies show that overexposure to 5G frequencies can lead to increased sperm abnormality in males. With that, it can also delay the production of the ovum in females. Bees and other insects put inside a 5G-enhanced space showed behavioral effects and disrupted navigational skills. In addition, Studies also showed a decrease in egg production and decreased colony strength. Furthermore, it is concluded that reproductive problems may also affect humans since we are a direct recipient of these harmful EMF.

5G Threat #5: DNA damage.

Merely adding DNA damage to the list of harmful effects of the 5G network to humans is already saying something. If the frequencies can penetrate and damage even human DNA, then it is a real threat to humans.

Studies show that EMF and RF signals can cause alterations in genes and defects in a child’s DNA, especially during the first few weeks of conception. This is crucial for the child because, during the first 100 days, the main organs begin to form. So, if it is not successfully done, the child may suffer grave consequences even before birth. Sometimes, it may lead to congenital diseases, physical disabilities, mental disorders, and others.

Damage in the DNA can also affect a child’s growth, reproductive capability, intelligence, and behavior. Therefore, it is important to think first before letting your kids play on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

5G Danger #6: Mortality.

Research conducted about the effects of harmful 5G networks showed that people who have been using a mobile phone for more than 10 years are more likely to reduce their life expectancy by 2 or 3 years.

Also, people who lived within the vicinity of 80 meters from 5G network antennas showed signs of skin problems, cancer cells formation, and other diseases which will all add up to a decrease in human life expectancy.

5G Danger #7: Memory and retention disability.

Studies showed that schools within a range of 80 meters from 5G network towers are more likely to have problems with memory retention, motor skills, cognitive skills, and attention. Among some other effects are diabetes, headaches, sleep problems, and others.

Due to these harmful effects on the body, doctors recommend EMF protection to absorb the harmful frequencies emitted by cellular phones before reaching human contact. For instance, EMF protection can be in the form of a phone case or laptop screen protector. Both these can absorb most of the harmful signals before coming into contact with users.


However, if you really care for your health and well-being, the real solution is to lessen the exposure. For instance, check your area before deciding to buy a new house of land. Furthermore, make sure it is not within the direct vicinity of 5G network towers. Also, spend less time on phones, tablets, and laptop to lessen the exposure from harmful rays and instead spend some time with your family and friends.

Ultimately, by knowing these 5G facts, you’ll be able to lessen, if not eliminate, the health risks associated with this modern technology.

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