Dr. Mercola Reviews: 5G, COVID-19, and EMF Connection

5G, COVID-19, and EMF

Dr. Mercola’s view on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF narrows down the main health concerns modern-day society faces and the ways we can stay protected.

The leading discussion nowadays seems to be the connection between 5G, COVID-19, and EMF. The debate has slowly yet surely led to increased anxiety which has everyone asking who is the most susceptible to it and is there anything they can do to prevent themselves from being infected.

According to the WHO, while anyone, regardless of age, can become infected, some groups are more susceptible to it such as the elderly and people suffering from pre-existing conditions like heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. People with compromised immune systems are more likely to develop more serious complications from the virus as well.

Dr. Mercola’s View on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF

In this interview, Dr. Joseph Mercola and his guest, Brian Hoyer, talk about the theory of EMF exposure possibly helping spread the virus, and the after-effects it causes.

They placed a particular emphasis on the effects of the recent implementation of 5G networks in various locations across the globe. That said, Dr. Mercola’s view on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF somewhat theorizes that such a connection exists.

The Invisible Rainbow, Global Pandemics, and EMF Radiation

They start by discussing the theories set forth by Arthur Firstenberg, the author of the Invisible Rainbow. He discusses the possibility that EMF radiation had an impact on past pandemics. Some examples include the influenza waves of 1728 onwards, like the 1727 and the 1889 epidemic. The latter is also the time when power line harmonics started and began to change the world’s magnetic fields.

They discuss their case, stating that these pandemics occurred long before we had sophisticated means of transportation. Moreover, they also discussed how the COVID-19 virus spread widely and quickly, despite today’s more sophisticated methods of disinfection.

Brian Hoyer also states that, although we have more advanced technologies today’s population is the unhealthiest in the history of mankind. This is concerning the occurrence of chronic conditions in the general population, with many suffering from one chronic condition or more.

5G Connectivity and COVID-19

This brings them back to the implementation of 5G connectivity. They state how key cities like Wuhan, Milan, New York City, and Seattle have among the highest numbers of cases.

They state that the 5G connectivity itself doesn’t cause the virus nor its spread. However, it makes us more susceptible to becoming infected. And then, there are other factors like the certain meds that combine poorly with 5G and EMF exposure.

They state that this leads to immunity suppression, greatly weakening our bodies’ ability to combat foreign invaders. Because of this, this makes for the perfect environment for a virus like the COVID-19 to thrive, creating the perfect storm and allowing it to reproduce and spread faster than ever.

While Dr. Mercola’s view on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF states all three can affect our bodies and make us more susceptible to other illnesses.

EMF Protection

The recent precautions also have positive effects on the reduction of EMF radiation exposure. At home, you are in a controlled environment, so you can easily take the necessary measures to protect yourself.

Dr. Mercola’s view on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF notes that there are possible measures to help reduce radiation exposure. Such include reducing screen time and sleeping in a shielded space.

They also discuss taking molecular hydrogen tablets, along with magnesium, once or twice daily. These hacks help mitigate the damages one incurs from constant EMF exposure.


The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the world. Naturally, this left everyone worrying about their health and safety.

While Dr. Mercola’s view on 5G, COVID-19, and EMF remains a theory. However, it is still wise to take the necessary precautions, to prevent the virus’s spread and prevent other health issues.

After all, it’s better safe to be sorry and prevention is better than cure. Get all the information you need and revisit the original Dr. Mercola article on 5G, COVID-19 and EMF exposure here!

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