The Lethal Damage of 5G Cell Towers

5g cell tower risks

Whenever a cell tower is in a place, radio-frequency radiation is also present. This fact alone makes it dangerous to human health. Despite the existing harm these towers might bring, there are still plans for implementing the 5G network all around the world. Other existing networks already have their own dangers already. So, imagine what 5G cell tower risks can do to our health.

Sooner than later, every country will be lined and installed with this technology. 5G cell towers will provide people with faster internet services. While it does offer more advantages than its predecessors, there are still a number of alarming 5G cell tower risks which will be more harmful than the previous ones.

5G Cell Tower Risks and Debate.

Small cell towers, or nodes, are circular radio access points, providing mobile data to those within a short distance. Most companies use a technology called millimeter wave in order to transport 5G network service. It is indeed fast, but its range is much shorter than the previous networks. This is the reason why mobile companies are utilizing small cell towers rather than large ones.

Shortly, we’ll start using other types of small cell towers, which will provide a seamless internet connection. Installing more of these towers with less distance than the existing 4G cell tower would make for less spotty coverage.

The Dangers of the Upcoming 5G Network.

There are two main 5G cell towers risks to consider. One, there’s the fact that the 5G network offers ultra-high intensity as well as ultra-high frequency. Two, cell signal won’t be as reliable as the existing ones since shorter length millimeter waves are used, and in order to make up for it, more cell towers will be installed. It is still a question whether or not the existing EMF protection will work to deal with 5G cell tower risks.

The earlier versions of the network are using either between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequencies. On the other hand, 5G utilizes 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency. Within the portion of radiofrequency radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, higher frequency means more health effects which are considered dangerous to any living bodies.

The Effects of RF Radiation on our Body.

When it comes to RF radiation, power level (wattage) is not important. What people must look into is the proximity of the source to physical bodies. RF radiation disappears with distance; this means the more powerful exposure which is a distance away won’t be as dangerous as low-powered exposure nearby.

The installation of a 5G network will be worse than the dangers you can imagine. More sources will be installed around people, and it will be much closer than any other sources before. Aside from this fact, it will be more powerful and the emission is even continuous.

There are already hundreds of scientific studies that link RF radiation to health concerns such as sterility, DNA damage in fetuses, and cancer. In 2011, the World Health Organization even categorized this radiation as a possible cause of cancer – in other words, carcinogenic.

5G Cell Towers Risks

Right now, many people are not aware that there are already mini 5G cell towers existing on their offices and homes right now. These are none other than the WiFi routers. These work just like a cell tower by emitting radio frequencies at full power 24/7 when turned on.

They cover your entire home and even beyond. The radiation they emit is exactly the same as that of a cell tower.

Fortunately, there’s an EMF protection measure that can possibly help you against this kind of RF radiation. You can protect yourself using a WiFi router guard. Putting your router within this guard will block 90% to 95% of radiation it emits on a daily basis without affecting your WiFi use. There’s no harm on trying this in order to protect you and the people around you against the dangers of RF radiation.

Is There a Way to Protect Ourselves from 5G EMF Exposure?

While you cannot eliminate 5G or prevent its impact, you can still limit the daily exposure to EMF waves.  The best ways to do this include:

  • Using a protective EMF device, like a black tourmaline necklace, pendant or bracelet. You can wear these with you at all times, especially when using 5G actively. Find some of the best shield devices to use here!
  • Refrain from using 5G before going to sleep. Also, do not place tech devices in your bedroom and turn off all gadgets if not using them.
  • Do some grounding and spend time outdoors, connecting to nature far from 5G’s influence.

Final Thoughts.

With the benefits and advantages offered by the 5G network, there is no doubt that more and more people are looking forward to having this kind of service. However, as the benefits increases, so are the damages that this new technology could bring.

Just the simple installation of small cell towers is enough to inflict damage to the human body. Though the benefits and advantages of the network sound great and interesting, there’s still a lingering fact about the dangers that can’t be dismissed.

Prevention makes a better solution than taking the risk of using 5G without ever considering its harmful effects. In a society that clearly works against nature in the name of technology, It is obvious that 5G might not be the wisest route for us, otherwise, the consequences could be lethal.

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