15 tips to protect kids from cellphone radiation during holiday travel

protect kids from cellphone radiation

15 tips to protect kids from cellphone radiation during holiday travel: Are you planning to go on a holiday along with your family, especially with your children? If yes, then there are certain things to take note of if you want to protect your kids from cellphone radiation during holiday travel.

The radiation produced by mobile phones affects us all. To help you fight it, today we show you various tips to reduce the radiation of your mobile during holiday travel. Using the loudspeaker, using it when you have coverage, or avoiding certain places, are some of the most important keys.

Surely more than once you have heard, read, or talked about the radiation produced by mobile phones. However, at the end of the day, we use the smartphone for absolutely everything and we forget that certain practices are harmful to our health.

To help you ‘detach’ from your mobile and improve your quality of life, today we show you 15 tips to reduce the radiation of your mobile. They are small and very simple keys that will help you reduce the annoying radiation of the smartphone to your kids. Take paper and pencil and do not lose detail.

1. Use the speaker:

When you talk on the phone, try to use the loudspeaker and at a minimum distance of one hand from your face. This practice is much healthier than holding the smartphone close to your head for a long time. If the speaker is not your thing, you can always use headphones or Bluetooth. In addition, it is convenient to turn off the terminal when it is not in use and keep it away from the smallest of the house and pregnant women.

2. ‘Detach yourself’ from him:

It is recommended that you do not carry it with you throughout the day. If you need to always have it with you, try to move the antenna as far away as possible.

3. Use it when you have maximum coverage:

This will help reduce radiation from the terminal since there is greater reception. When the coverage is less and the quality is poor, the phone emits a large amount of radiation.

4. Avoid certain places:

The elevator, the car, the train, or the plane are some of the least recommended places to use mobile phones. Terminals consume more power and emit more radiation since they are enclosed metal spaces.

5. Use the messages:

One of the most recommended measures to reduce the radiation of your smartphone the traveling is to communicate through messaging applications, text messages, etc. instead of calling. Remember, the further away it is from your body, the better.

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6. Return to a landline:

Are you one of those who still have a landline phone at home or hotel? Use it. Whenever you are in a hotel room, it is recommended that you use it. The radiation is infinitely less. If you have a landline but it is wireless, it produces radiation just like mobile phones.

7. No radiation shields:

If you are tempted to install one of the many radiation shields on the market in your home, keep in mind that you will lose coverage. And with it, your mobile phone will produce even more radiation.

8. Where do you have the WiFi router installed?

It is important that it is located in a little-frequented room or turns it off at night. You have to make your bedroom as free of electronic radiation as possible. As with the router, keep it in mind for the computer, cordless phone, smartphone, television, etc.

9. Ethernet cable:

Whenever possible, use the network cable and not WiFi to connect to the Internet.

10. Goodbye connectivity software:

If you intend to get rid of the radiation around you, you will have to disable Bluetooth connections, Airplane Mode, or the like. Otherwise, the computer will continuously send your position.

11. Peripherals yes, but with cable:

It is recommended that all or most peripheral devices be connected via a cable. The printer, the keyboard, or the mouse, are better connected.

12. Beware of your child’s intercom:

If you have a baby or a small child at home, this interests you. Wireless intercoms or baby monitors emit radiation similar to that of a mobile phone. If it is necessary to use them, resort to one with cable.

13. Beware of radiofrequency meters:

The installation of meters that control energy consumption in a house is becoming more and more common. These devices are under suspicion as a significant source of electromagnetic radiation.

14. Do not let children sleep with devices:

This is one of the important points many parents miss to take note of. If your kids have a habit to sleep with their devices which include mobile phones or tablets, it is a very bad habit. 90% of young children sleep with their phones.

15. Ventilate the room daily:

Houses “breathe” through doors and windows. To improve the quality of the air in the home, we will ventilate all rooms for at least half an hour a day to eliminate excess positive ions from the environment.

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