10 Natural Negative Ions Sources

Definition and background

First, let’s talk about negative ions their natural sources and consequences on our bodies. Negative ions are simple oxygen atoms, which are picking up electrons beneficial to the human organism.

Negative ions exist in abundance in nature, so you can find them easily. You can often locate them in large water surfaces and in various plants. These are able to eradicate toxins, dust, and microbes from the air.

Natural Sources

Now, it is good to know there are 10 negative ions sources in nature. Nowadays, these are used for countless medical advantages, and here is where you find them.

Himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps boost negative ion production, removing dampness effectively. But, salt lamps are not a powerful source of these ions. With their ions production salt lamps truly enhance the air quality, yet give out very little amounts in return. Ultimately, this makes salt lamps highly effective in tight spaces only.


First, water has a molecular formula of H2O. Oxygen gains two electrons from each hydrogen atom and becomes a negative ion with a -2 charge. We can find negative ions sources in lakes, seas, waterfalls, and oceans. A large waterfall contains over 100,000 negative ions, while the ocean contains around 2000 ions.


Plants are natural air purifiers that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This labels plants as one of the best natural air purifiers ever. They give out oxygen, thus helping clear the air by neutralizing free radicals. For instance, many plants like pines and asparagus ferns contain plenty of negative ions beneficial to humans.

Tourmaline and Amethyst

Tourmaline converts moisture into negative ions and produces plenty of infrared rays, too. Initially, this semi-precious stone is a piezoelectric and generates an electrical signal through pressure. This natural and safe ions emission make tourmaline a truly beneficial stone. Amethyst is a natural gemstone that offers similar health benefits, much like Tourmaline. Amethyst offers plenty of far infrared radiation while emitting negative ions with ease. This stone removes toxic particles, aerosol as well as free radicals from the air.


Timber is one of the most adaptable and broadly utilized materials. As such, it provides plenty of useful properties, like low thickness and warmth radiation. As urea formaldehyde causes genuine air contamination, wood is able to successfully cleanse it from the air altogether.

Negative oxygen particles offer plenty of benefits, such as dust and arteriosclerosis extraction, and air cleansing. Because of that, wood is considered one of the most successful air purifiers.

Cosmic radiations

Oxygen atoms enhance the air quality and purity. Additionally, sun rays are able of attracting and generating negative ions. At dusk, the rays begin to interact with the ozone layer, so they form ions through a process of corona discharge as a result.


Friction between clouds causes large electric currents, so it produces beneficial negative ions in return. For this reason, you should never fear thunder again, but embrace it instead!

Additional Sources

Finally, other natural sources of negative ions include radioactive gases, certain radioactive substances in the soil, and UV radiation. Conclusively, negative ions are one of the biggest natural air purification tools, helping set humanity on the right track.

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