EMF Shielding: What It Is, How It Works and Where to Buy It

EMF Shielding What It Is, How It Works and Where to Buy It

What Is EMF Shielding? EMF/EMR shielding refers to reducing the electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation in a specific space by blocking them. If the goal is to block RF electromagnetic radiation, then the term should be RF shielding. Protection against electromagnetic fields should extend to blocking harmful waves coming from laptops, computers, cell phone towers, […]

Best EMF Protection for Home

picture showing home and mobile wireless emf protection

EMFs, which is short for electromagnetic fields, are areas of energy or lines of force that emerge from matter. EMFs are invisible to the human eye, despite the fact that our bodies also produce electric and magnetic fields in the nervous system and the muscular system. These are considered extremely low frequency, or ELFs. The […]

Best Negative Ion Bracelet

best negative ion bracelet

Negative ion bracelets can improve mood, enhance energy levels, boost mental performance and concentration, and fight free radicals. Through its internal components, a negative ion bracelet benefits your circulation, relieves joint and muscle pain strengthens the immune system and may enhance metabolism. But how do negative ion bracelets work as an anti-EMF device? And what’s […]

How Do Orgone Pendants Work?

How Do Orgone Pendants Work

What Is an Orgone Pendant? An orgone pendant is a personal EMF protection device created to shield you from the harmful side effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, orgone pendants are abundant in other benefits as well, aiming to improve your physical and spiritual health, sleep patterns, and provide more energy. Orgone, also known as prana, […]

EMR/EMF Sources and EMF Protection Options

picture showing EMR/EMF Low Frequency Sources in Our Homes

Of course, we all have electronic and electric equipment inside our homes because these are modern times and these devices make our lives easier. However, when the electronic or electric equipment is used, it starts emitting EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields, or electromagnetic radiation) either low frequency or high frequency. Despite the fact that we’re constantly using […]

What Does EMF Stand For?

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As people use more and more technology, we expose ourselves to more risks, and one of them is the different types of radiations emitted by various devices. While these radiations won’t take their toll immediately, if we are exposed to them for longer periods of time, it may start showing. And EMF is one of […]